Bretagne | Melkveehouderij | 143 hectare

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This dairy farm is located in Morbihan, Brittany region, France, not far from the coast and 25 kms from the beach.

The milk volume to be produced is 550,000 liters of milk in organic production over an area of 143 ha.

The plot consists of:
- 58 ha located at the foot of buildings
- A second site of 25 ha located about 1 km
- From a third site of about 57 ha located about 10 km from the breeding site

45 ha about were drained.

The land is partly owned by the transferor (about 20 ha), and partly by about twenty owners. The rent per hectare is of the order of 130 € / ha, including taxes.

The rotation on the 143 ha is as follows:

- Temporary meadows: 100 ha
- Wheat: 18 ha
- Silage silage: 20 ha
- Other industrial culture (Switch grass): 5 ha

The properties for sale are composed of:
- A set of dairy buildings allowing to accommodate 65 dairy cows in cubicles in a stabling house in 1994. The milking system is made of EPI 2x5 EPI with automatic stall. Stall heifers with 50 places, forage shed of about 500 m², manure 700 m², pit 492 m3, corn silo (tarred platform)
- A fleet of equipment consisting of 3 tractors and various livestock equipment. The farmer uses the company and CUMA for sowing cereals and maize, spreading manure, slurry and lime, and for harvesting and silage.
- The herd consists of 60 dairy cows and about 60 heifers, as well as 15 cattle.
- The various stocks

The main qualities of this farm are to be converted into organic farming and to have substantial means of production. A block of 58 ha is located just at the foot of livestock buildings. The buildings park is rational and in good condition. The equipment park is reduced to a minimum, with the use of outside contractors for larger jobs.

The transferor will keep his dwelling house but possibilities exist nearby.

The asking price for this operation is 633,000 euros, including trading fees.

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Type Melkveehouderij
Vraagprijs € 633.000,-
Prijs in Euro's 
Woonplaats Morbihan
Hoeveelheid grond in HA eigendom 20 hectare
Hoeveelheid grond in HA pacht
Hoeveelheid grond totaal 143 hectare







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