Bretagne | Melkveehouderij | 210 hectare

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This dairy farm is located in central Brittany, France.

The milk volume to be produced is 1,120,000 liters of milk. The surface that will be sold with the dairy activity will be about 210 hectares of which 160 ha in property of the family of the transferor. 80 ha are located at the foot of the buildings.

The rotation on the 220 ha is as follows:

Nature Surface
Meslin: 45 ha
Corn silage: 65 ha
Grassland: 100 ha
Total: 210 ha

The breeding is authorized for a cattle farm to have a staff of 150 cows dairy, 220 heifers and 200 cattle for fattening.

The properties for sale are composed of:
- A set of dairy buildings composed of a dairy cow stabling of 147 places in cubicles, milking parlor 2x12 functional with necessary modernization, 2 stabling heifers for 100 places in total, 2 fattening buildings on grating with a capacity of 140 places of bulls, 5 corn silos, hay shed, equipment shed, pits of 2,000m3 in total.
- A stock of equipment and breeding facilities
- The herd consisted of 170 dairy cows, about 200 heifers, as well as 80 bulls
- The various stocks
- A dwelling house in the form of stone longhouse located on the breeding site, 4 bedrooms

The main qualities of this operation is its location: the breeding site is isolated, and the plot is grouped. The land is under control with a large amount of owned land, which will be rented under a long-term lease. The land is of good quality. The buildings are of an important dimension and in good condition.

The asking price for this operation is 1,260,000 euros, including trading fees.

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Type Melkveehouderij
Vraagprijs € 1.260.000,-
Prijs in Euro's 
Hoeveelheid grond in HA eigendom 160
Hoeveelheid grond in HA pacht
Hoeveelheid grond totaal 210







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