Total of 635.94 Acres, with 580 Acres BRID water rights. The pivot covers 573.64 Acres.
This section of land has been cultivated since approx. 1975. In 2015 the Seller converted this cultivated dryland into irrigated land. A new Valley 8000 section pivot was put up in the fall of 2014. In following years, a corner system was added and low spots were fixed up.
This parcel of land comes with a nice south slope (extra heat units). Location is excellent on paved highway 875 just off highway 36, very central between Taber and Vauxhall. This is one of the best areas in Southern Alberta to grow row crops, with lots of heat units and proximity to the processors. Location of this parcel is also prime for seed crop isolation.
Irrigation system details:
Water for this parcel is supplied by an 18" main line pipe that starts west of highway 36 by a BRID ditch, approx. 2220 metres long from the intake point up to the booster pump in the field. From the booster pump to the pivot point there is a 15" main line, approx. 1092 metres long.
Approximate elevation levels (in metres above sea level):

760 m at the BRID ditch (intake)
793 m at the booster pump in the field
791 m at the pivot point
788 – 798 m minimum and maximum elevation in the field

At the intake there is a 250 hp electric turbine pump, while a 150 hp electric Cornell pump boosts the pressure in the field. Both pumps are run by variable frequency drive (VFD) 3-phase motors. Pivot capacity is approx. 3300 gallons per minute. It takes about 80 to 85 hours to put 1 inch of water on the whole section, according to the Seller. When irrigating at that speed the turbine pump at the intake point runs at 75% to 85% capacity, while the booster pump in the field runs at 87% to 93% capacity (52 to 56 Hz). The Seller typically has half of the section in a crop with high water demand, like corn. In a dry year the pumping costs for the section have been around $35,000.
Surface lease details:

$6,200/year Tuscany Energy -- contract signed in November 2015. Tuscany went bankrupt in 2016. No surface lease payments have been received for this well since 2016. Seller is trying to get paid.
$800/year CNRL -- non-producing well. CNRL is making the payments in full and on time.

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Vraagprijs $7,300,000
Prijs in Euro's  € 4.812.129
Land Canada
Hoeveelheid grond in HA eigendom
Hoeveelheid grond in HA pacht
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