Hilbert WI | 29 | acres


Price $1,200,000
Price in Euros's  € 1.100.514
Address Township
Address2 County:Calumet
zip code
Residence Hilbert WI
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 29 acres

  Very well designed expandable dairy operation. This dairy is currently setup for 400 milking cows, but could be easily
    doubled in size. The tunnel ventilated freestall barn is constructed in 2008 and has sand bedding and mattresses.
    There is a bedding pack area for special need cows and a pre-fresh area in the south west corner with a small vet/office
    room. Freestall barn has curtain sidewall and fans on the end. It can be operated as a tunnel or natural ventilated barn.
    The double ten milking parlor is built in June 2014 and has rapid release. Farm is listed with 40 acres of which 29 tillable.     There are no heifer or dry cow facilities onsite.

  Double 10 Parlor with Basement built in 2014

  12'x20' Milk House with 6,500 Gallon Bulk Tank

  30'x20' Utility Room

  12'x20 Office Space

  40'x60' Holding area with Insulated Roof and Sprinkle System and Fans

  100'x456' Tunnel Ventilated Freestall Barn which handles around 400 Cows

  Alley Scrapers, Headlocks and Sprinkle System

  20'x24 Commodity Building

  Two Stage Manure Storage with a 2 Million Gallon and 5 Million Gallon Clay Pit for more than 6 months of Storage.

  100' x 300' Asphalted Slab used for Feed Storage



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