179.382 hectare


We appreciate the opportunity as combined agents to offer for genuine sale the combination of the following units which provide the opportunity to be farmed as one total property with excellent stock performance. Although the blocks are separated, they are complimentary to one another and offer individual parties the opportunity to purchase as a total unit or combinations of one or more sections. The homestead is nestled in a sheltered and established garden area. There is a range of farm buildings servicing the various blocks.

Price Deadline Sale closing 3pm, 30th June 2020
Price in Euros's  € 1.919.333
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How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 179.382 hectare
Land Area 179.382 hectare
Nearest Town 23km from Tokanui and 81km from Invercargill.
Freezing Works Awarua 80km and Alliance 93km.
Sales Yards Lorneville 90km.
Present Condition ( areas approx. ) All of the grazeable area is in permanent pasture, 66 hectares QEII and bush.
Soil Types Chaslands, Niagara + Nithdale and Dacre.
Average RF 1200mm.
Weeds & Pests Some scattered gorse.
Fencing Subdivided into 19 main paddocks plus holding by permanent post and wire or netting fences.
Water Supply Natural stock water supply from springs and creeks.
Access & Roads The property has road frontage from Niagara Waikawa Road. Internal access from a small central lane.
Farm Buildings Hay barn with timber frame and corruagted iron roof.
Comments The various blocks are: A 354 Progress Valley Road - 1.2065 Ha FH B 380 Progress Valley Road - 163.8314 Ha FH C Niagara Waikawa Road - 87.8345 Ha FH D 200 Niagara Waikawa Road - 179.3820 Ha FH E 175 Yorke Road - 104.2318 Ha FH The total property carried 2,483 breeding ewes, 3,749 ewe lambs and 34 cattle in the 2019/2020 season. Fertiliser application for 2018/2019 for the total property was 164.895 tonne being 0.197 T of NutriMax Selenium 1% in the spring and 0.662 T NutriMax Molybdenum 1%, 26.673 T Muriate of Potash, 133.363 T Sulphurgain 15S, 4 T Superten in the autumn.
Possession By mutual agreement.
Yards Cattle yards and sheep yards.
Production Estimated stock units 1,280.
Shelter Trees From natural contour bush and scrub.
Contour Description 86.3 hectares rolling paddocks, 27 hectares steep and 66 hectares QEII and bush.
Trademe Pricing Method Deadline Private Treaty



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