1298.0418 hectare


This is an outstanding property being approximately 27 kilometres from Winton with a good balance of contour, excellent shape and with a full range of good quality improvements. In terms of its scale, it is one of the better located and versatile properties in the province and with the balance of the dairy unit comprising a milking platform of 156.51 hectares and milking 450 cows, this result s in a fully self contained operation running both sheep, dairying and fattening of surplus dairy/beef calves plus dairy grazing. The conversion has been completed to a very good standard and fits well with the other farming activity.

Price Offers over $18.5M + GST (IF ANY) invited
Price in Euros's  € 104
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How much amount of total land? 1298.0418 hectare
Land Area 1298.0418 hectare
Nearest Town Invercargill 58km, Winton 27km, Gore 76km.
Primary School Limehills 18km.
Primary School Bus At gate.
Secondary School Central Southland College, Winton.
Secondary School Bus 8km from the gate.
Freezing Works Alliance 55km.
Sales Yards Lorneville 50km.
Dairy Co Fonterra.
Supply # 32810.
Present Condition ( areas approx. ) 156ha kale and swedes, approx half of each, 107 ha young grass 2019 (20 ha for baleage mix, 87ha permanent pasture), 112ha young grass 2018 incl 18ha annual pasture, predominantly permanent, 9ha QEII, 5.86ha Mature Douglas Fir, 38ha Douglas Fir planted 2019, 60ha bush and non grazeable areas, balance predominantly in permanent pasture or clean grazing.
Soil Types The easier contoured land runs from medium to heavy loam to relatively free draining rotten rock soil on the ridges. It is a good balance of soil, well suited to all forms of livestock farming.
Average RF 1100mm.
Weeds & Pests Some areas of gorse and broom currently being sprayed.
Fencing The property is generally well subdivided with permanent post and wire and netting fences with extensive areas of new subdivision and fencing off of areas for grazing protection by good quality permanent electric. The property has excellent formed access and several strategically placed rock quarries that facilitate the maintenance and formation of new roading. Three mains electric fence units plus one solar unit with access to power over the total property.
Water Supply The property has an outstanding reticulation system originating from a stream in close proximity to the homestead buildings. The water is pumped to a high point on the property from which it gravitates to ten holding tanks and ultimately to well located troughs. In addition there are several permanent streams, which in total provide an excellent water supply. The water supply to the dairy unit originates from a reliable spring which passes through a purification system for utilisation in the dairy shed. There is the ability to switch the existing permanent water supply to the balance of the farm if required for any reason. The mainline on the dairy unit is 63mm reducing to 32mm whilst the balance of the farm has mainline of 40mm reducing to 25mm. The water supply has storage provided by ten 30,000 litre tanks and one smaller.
Irrigation Water System Continued....The system gravitates to the dairy shed and is pressured to troughs on the dairy unit.
Access & Roads The standard of dairy conversion is excellent with well formed races, the base being rotten rock material sourced from the property. The dairy unit is subdivided into 35 paddocks by a mix of permanent electric and existing post and wire fences.
Supplement made on Farm A typical season is 1,800 bales baleage, 150 tonne dry matter silage.
Homestead Attractive two storied homestead of brick exterior with coloursteel roof built in 1979. Comprises five bedrooms, kitchen opening to living room, separate lounge, office, two bathrooms, double basement garage. Situated in established surrounds of trees and garden with expansive northerly outlook.
Other Homes No.2 Home – Modern four bedroom (one with ensuite) brick bungalow with coloursteel roof, open kitchen/living area, two bathrooms, double garage. No.3 Home - Tidy four bedroom weatherboard home well maintained, double garage/storage shed. Two new self contained workers’ accommodation units, single bedroom, toilet and shower.
Farm Buildings Extensive calf rearing facility with permanent pens and pipe gates. Topline system with gravity fed water and milk with milk tank for each pen. 40 aside herringbone with additional yard room, automatic cup removers, Hecton grain feeding and molasses system, approx 20 tonne, 13.5m round yard. Six stand woolshed and covered yards (capacity 2,200 woolies under cover), excellent fully enclosed workshop, five bay implement shed plus manure bay, five bay implement shed, large double hay barn with manure bay, small woolshed, two bay hay barn. There are three sets of cattle yards, the original are still operational and accessible by formed road from the Kauana side of the property and are not regularly used. There are two new sets in the vicinity of the homestead. One of the new sets was a medium sized post and rail facility of good design and practicality whereas the second is a large scale Te Pari with concrete floor, automatic weighing and drafting system and ID reader.
Comments Farming Program & Wintering: Sheep: 3700 breeding ewes (composite Romney/Texel/Perendale), 1300 ewe hoggets (not lambed), 100 rams and other sheep. Lambing: Average 132% Lamb Weights: 2019 average 19.2kg Breeding Cows: 86 Breeding cows with calves at foot (calves 3/4 Angus), an additional 75 cows and calves being introduced about mid February 2020 and approx 161 will become the wintered number. The option with calves varies from being sold, retained or some each way dependent on seasonal factors and prices. Trading Cattle: 429 R2 Wagyu X cattle purchased April as yearlings, wintered, fattened and killed from December to June the following season. 408 Angus X calves ex the dairy farm in the past have been wintered and sold the following Autumn but for the first time this year they will be wintered for a second time and marketed at an appropriate time from spring onwards as opportunities provide. 25 breeding bulls, 15 other cattle. Year Round Grazing Including Winter: 47 carryover cows from vendors dairy farm, 84 carryover cows from grazing client. Wintering and Milking: 468 dairy cows to calve (includes 47 carryovers) including 70 replacement incalf heifers purchased in May. Wintering Only: 950 dairy cows (including 84 carry overs) on behalf of grazing client end May to 1st August. The Dairy herd is all naturally mated to Angus Bulls for only eight weeks. An average empty rate of 12% but a 92% six week in calf rate have been achieved over the past four seasons even with this condensed mating program. Background: In initial; years there was a large dairy wintering program in place as part of the development of the property. For eight years they averaged 4,000 cows wintered which required betweenn 5,500 and 6,000 bales baleage plus crop.
Possession By mutual agreement.
Production From a milking platform of 156.51 hectares. 2018/2019: 158,800kg ms from 384 cows. 2019 to 21/02/2020: 158,800kg ms from 407 cows.
Contour Description Predominantly easy to medium rolling contour with some steeper faces but apart from the non grazeable areas, most is able to be cultivated.
Effluent The effluent system involves a gravity feed from the dairy shed and yard to a stone trap and then a slope screen separator to the pond with the green wash rotated from the pond for repeat usage in the yard. The pond has a capacity of approximately 90 days and is reticulated through three underground 90mm mainlines servicing approximately 60 hectares through uni pods.
Trademe Pricing Method Asking Price Plus GST (commercial sale or rural listings only)



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