Melkveehouderij | Pays de Loire | 279 hectare

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This dairy farm is located in the Loire Atlantique, south of Nantes, Pays de Loire region, France. This farm is located in a large French farming area, and 30 km from Nantes (300 000 inhabitants) and near the Atlantic coast.

The milk volume to be produced is 1200,000 liters of milk on an area of 279 ha, marketed with a regional dairy.

The plot is relatively well grouped. The land is owned by the seller for 19 ha, and the rest is rented from 37 different owners, knowing that the 5 largest hold 170 ha.

The rotation on the 270 ha is as follows:

Nature Surface
Prairies: 132 ha
Corn grain: 85 ha
Proteinous: 36 ha
Cereals: 26 ha

The value of land and the amount of rents per hectare are low in this region of France.

The properties for sale are composed of :
- A set of dairy buildings, built on a very spacious land base of 5.5 hectares, including a stall dairy cows in cubicles of 115 places built in 2001 and enlarged in 2008, a ride with carousel 2009 24-seat milking parlor, a 100-seat heifers building, silos, manure and storage sheds.
- A fleet of livestock equipment and crops, knowing that the exploitation is adherent of a CUMA for silage work corn and grass, and threshing cereals.
- The herd consists of 140 dairy cows and 130 heifers
- The various stocks
- A dwelling house located on the breeding site built in 2001, on one level and comprising 3 bedrooms.

The main qualities of this farm are its substantial means of production, quite rare in France, its location with all the services nearby, and its 2009 milking equipment. This exploitation can easily increase the number of dairy cows, given the space and available area for the spreading plan.

The asking price for this operation is 958 000 euros negotiating fees included, without the dwelling house.

Type Melkveehouderij
Price € 958.000,-
Price in Euros's 
zip code
How much amount of land ownership? 19
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 279



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