Bretagne | Varkenshouderij | 75 hectare

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This pig farm is located in Morbihan, Brittany region, France.

This breeding is authorized for 680 sows present, 30 gilts, 2100 post-weaning places and 5 600 places of fattening.

The farrow and fattening site are about 1 km apart, which is perfect for the health of the flock.

The cow-calf plant was constructed new and commissioned in January 2014. The sow herd is conducted in 11 strips, weaned 28 days, and produces 15,000 piglets weighing about 8 kg.

● A 168-place maternity building
● A 542-seat vault-building
● A quarantine building with 30 places of gilts and an uncovered pit of 2000 m3

The cow-calf plant is characterized by a low price of the consumed food (food factory and purchase of co-products) and veterinary fees very well controlled.

The fattening site:

Piglets and pork butchers are fed with food made entirely on the farm. The pork butchers are fed to the soup machine and the piglets to the feeder. The farm is equipped with a two-phase power distribution system.

The ventilation is dynamic in the older buildings and static in the most recent ones.

The farm is supplied with water by drilling, and is also connected to the public network if needed.

The breeder set up a biological treatment unit in 2007.

The annual production of the post-weaning fattening site is about 16,000 pigs.

A large proportion of pork butchers are sold in heavy pork abroad.

To meet the treatment requirement, the farmer has set up a biological treatment unit slurry with centrifugation and composting refusal centrifugation, which allows the reduction of nitrogen and phosphorus.

The exploited surface is 75 ha of UAA, of which 60 ha are family owned.

The rotation is as follows:

Nature surface
Wheat 20 ha
Rapeseed 12 ha
Maize grain 43 ha
Total 75 ha

The work is done by the transferor and 2.5 employees:
- 1 employee on the farrow-off site
- 1 employee on the fattening site
- 1 part-time employee for washing on both sites

The properties for sale are composed of:
- A set of pig buildings to accommodate 680 sows and more.
- A stock of poorly supplied equipment
- Pig herd and the rest
- The various stocks

The main qualities of this farm are to have a beautiful park buildings, recent and evolving, with factory integral food and treatment station. Livestock has a very good health status, and achieves good technical and economic performance. The farmer values his production by selling heavy pigs in markets abroad. In the end, the profitability of this breeding is excellent.

The asking price for this farm: contact us.

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