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The farm is based on milk production from 240 year cows and with a plant production of approx. 130 ha, of which approx. 90 ha. is owned. The property is located approx. 9 km north of Silkeborg. Farm buildings Viborgvej 161: With the exception of a few heifers in a former machine house, all the animals are gathered ...

Type Veehouderij
Price 22.000.000
Price in Euros's  € 2.954.368
Address Viborgvej 157
Address2 8600
zip code
Residence Viborgvej
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 102,10 ha

The farm is based on milk production from 240 year cows and with a plant production of approx. 130 ha, of which approx. 90 ha. is owned. The property is located approx. 9 km north of Silkeborg.

Commercial buildings Viborgvej 161:
With the exception of a few heifers in a former machine house, all the animals are gathered under one roof and with the feed just outside the door.

The stable is built of three laps and is very rationally furnished.

The southern part of the stable is used for black-caged cows and has 150 beds in four rows. The corridors are with slits and circular debt. The beds are mats from 2018. In the northern part there is the same decor, but the mats are here from 2009. Here are 74 beds in four rows. The corridor areas with slots and circular cooling. The beds are mats from 2011.
Between the southern and northern part are installed 4 pcs. De Laval milking robots (2 from 2008 and 2 from 2011). The robots are fed from a 21 tonne outdoor feed silo. To the plant is a 16,500 liter outdoor milk tank.
All feeding takes place from a single feed in the eastern side of the barn. In the southern part of the barn, an area for supplemental feed and a auger with auger from outdoor gas-tight Assentoft silo of 1,350 tdr.
In the northeastern part of the diet, there are 33 single-calf boxes along one outer wall. The rest is one large calving section / gold cow section with deep bedding, and the section is furnished with one large common area and smaller single boxes. At the end of the barn section, four common boxes for calves are arranged.

engine house
In the property's 300 m2 machine house is approx. 22 × 6 meters designed for deep bedding for heifers. The rest of the house is used for workshop. As the machine house is being designed for young people, there is minimal indoor space for machines.

Driving Silos
South of the stables and parallel to the stables are two plan silo areas of 20x80x3 m and 15x25x2 m respectively. The large plan silo is level divided as the area slopes.

slurry tanks
Further to the south there are two slurry containers of 4,000 and 3,000 m3 respectively, here there is also a meeting place for deep litter and calf from calves.
In the stable there are acidification plants located northwest of the barn.

Farther to the south, there is a large steel bow stacked for straw.

Farmhouses and farm buildings - Viborgvej 157:
On the property is this extremely charming 1.5 floor farmhouse, which contains a total area of 214 m2 spacious accommodation, and three associated lengths. The farmhouse is built in 1867 in red stones. The windows on the north side of the house are older and changed for approx. 1992, while the windows on the south side of the house were changed in 2001. The farmhouse is nicely maintained, and constantly renovated and modernized. The utility room has been renovated in approx. 2010 with underfloor heating and expansion, including a newer and more functional weight room. The kitchen which has doors of solid wood and smaller cooking island is from 1992 is with new floor from approx. 2010. There is underfloor heating in the kitchen of the house, two bathrooms, the living room and utility room.
The ground floor contains on the ground floor: entrance hall with access to the victualier room, bathroom and kitchen. Kitchen with access to smaller room / office, living room via French door and exit to south facing terrace. Large living / dining room with really good light and exit to south facing terrace. From here there is access to bathroom, 3 good rooms, the first floor of the house and the nice entrance of the house. 1st floor: Hallway with access to the three rooms, which all have hardwood floors, a large bedroom, a room that is currently used for walk-in closet and a review room with good possibility of storing various gives access to the 1st floor's 3. room.

The farmhouse belongs to 3 more. The far east contains an old horse stable, which today still stands with the original cobblestones and old charming horse boxes. In addition, there is a smaller older workshop. The length to the north and parallel to the farmhouse is used today for storage, and still stands with its large beautiful beams. The west-longest is now divided so that the farthest south is a garage with 2 electric gates from 2005, ie space for two cars and a little storage in front of the cars. The boiler room, where the stoker fire from 2000, which heats all three houses. Old barn, used today for storage, and gives access to the north longitude.
In addition, there is a larger guild hall, made in approx. 2000 with witchcraft ceiling and good natural light. This is ideal for family parties and events, storage of miscellaneous, and it is heated by 4 radiators.

Farmhouse Viborgvej 159:
Smaller 1.5 floor dwelling of 98 m2 located relatively undisturbed by the property's other dwellings and with its own carport. Layout: entrance with access to a functional kitchen. From here there is access to the house's bedroom with ample closet space, as well as two living rooms in succession. A smaller room for storage, children's room, office or other. Hallway with access to bathroom with underfloor heating, smaller conservatory and access to the house's 1st floor. The first floor of the house: 2 larger rooms with built-in cupboards in the skunk.

Farmhouse Viborgvej 161:
Large 1.5-room farmhouse with a total living space of 203 m2, of which built-in conservatory of 25 m2. For the house there is a good and easy lawn garden that is easy to maintain. The farmhouse has been continuously renovated with newer windows from approx. 2012 and newer large kitchen from approx. 2010. The house is arranged as follows: Entrance hall with underfloor heating giving access to a smaller room, bathroom with underfloor heating, utility room / laundry room, basement limb, the house's 1st floor and the kitchen. From the kitchen there is access to the large and charming conservatory with Italian marble flooring, as well as the large living room of the house, which today is used both for living room and dining room. From there there is access to the house's second large living room as well as the main entrance, stairs to the 1st floor and a smaller bathroom.
1st floor: Distribution hall with access to five good rooms, two of which have windows in one attic each.

The soil
The company has 102 hectares of land, of which just over 82 ha. in rotation, and approx. 10 ha. are hills and meadows used for grazing and eradication. The rest is the building parcel, scaffold, moss and more
For this purpose, approx. 40 ha. The lands are JB 3 to 4.

All field work is done at the machine station.

The crew consists of approx. 2/3 Holstein and 1/3 Jersey. The service is approx. 13,500 kg EKM at Holstein and approx. 10,500 kg EKM at Jersey, and without disease problems.
Ca. 110 juveniles (Holstein) are in heifers - where they also run.

Environmental Authorization
Permission has been granted under the new scheme, ie according to the production area - including a new deep bed section in the machine house. This is a total of approx. 240 cows (2/3 large breed and 1/3 Jersey) and 150 pcs. rearing.



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