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Plant breeding company with 80 hectares and possibly. slaughter pigs at Bjerregrav.

Property of almost 80 hectares with a lovely high location between Bjerregrav and Klejtrup in Viborg municipality. The nearest center town is Bjerregrav with a free school, child care and grocery store. School district for primary school is Møldrup.
At Herredsvejen 138, the farmhouse from 1973 is very high and beautiful in the landscape with a beautiful view from the garden and living room.
The property is a plant breeding and slaughterhouse property, which contains in the plant breeding a production of eating potatoes and equipment for sorting in machine houses. Here you will be delivered partly to private local shops and the rest are sold to the wholesaler.
There is a water extraction permit of 40,000 m3.
The pig production is approx. 1,700 dots. The property is owned together with Gl. Aalborgvej 52A with approx. 1,400 seats, so the total production has been approx. 12,000 finishers.
In 2017, 12,278 slaughter pigs were produced distributed among the two production sites. At Gl. Aalborgvej produces the production in newly furnished stables on slits and ground floor. At Herredsvejen 138, the production takes place primarily in stables with deep bedding and a smaller part in a stable with slits and fixed bottom.
It's about. 61 ha. area of rotation and 6.5 ha. permanent grass on the property. The areas are located in both larger fields and smaller fields around or close to the property.
Smaller biotopes at the shell and around the property of little shrubs and trees gives, besides agricultural production, scenic location and good hunting opportunities.

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Type Akkerbouwbedrijf
Price 8900000
Price in Euros's  € 1.196.124
Address Herredsvejen 138
zip code 9632
Residence Viborg
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 79,0195



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