Aars | Forest / agricultural property | 52,2291 hectare


Christmas tree property with a total of 52 hectares in Fiskbæk near Løgstrup.

Very scenic and secluded from Route 26 with only 2 km to Løgstrup (bike on path or by car) lies this forest and nature property. Here is less than 10 km. to Viborg and 20 km. to Skive just as Midtjyllands Airport in Karup is a short distance away.
In Løgstrup there are all the necessities in daily life. Great functioning school, day care, doctor and shopping in the big Brugs.
The property itself has a total land area of 52 hectares. Of these, approx. 20 ha. planted with well-groomed Christmas trees. At approx. 5 ha. they are planted in 2017 and spots hit by the drought in 2018. The others are soon harvest-matured. The property has for this purpose leased an area which is planted with Christmas trees and which can accompany it according to further agreement.

Based on inventories and sales, there should be approx. 70,000 trees in the areas offered. Of these, 15,000 have been planted in 2016 and 31,000 planted in 2017 - the rest planted earlier. The number is approx. number.

There are approx. 9 ha. pine forest and further areas with forest, grassland suitable for horses or cattle. The property is a former fish farm and in the valley and by the buildings there are still lakes and wetlands.
Overall, this variation gives a great nature and also hunting.
The living room is a nice and well-kept red stone house with very nice 1 floor and spacious rooms with low energy costs.
The farm buildings have been used partly for horses and partly for warehouses and machines in connection with the Christmas tree production - and there are staff facilities. Highly situated is a riding track and with the grassy areas there are good opportunities for horse keeping.
Heating by natural gas supplemented with electricity and stove.

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Type Overig
Price 6500000
Price in Euros's  € 871.968
Address Sønderdalvej 12
zip code 8831
Residence Viborg
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 52,2291



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