Aars | Recreational Agriculture | 30,9217 hectare



Within a few minutes drive to Aalestrup is this wonderful leisure farm.

Aalestrup which is close to the A13 offers a wide range of different sports activities for all ages, other social activities, school and child care. In addition, daily shopping can easily be done in the city's various shops - 5 min. drive from the property!

The property amounts to approx. 5.7 ha, of which 1.3 ha. is a single piece south of Aalestrup at Simested Å with its own fishing, where many wonderful mornings can be enjoyed. If you do not want to enjoy the river, then the various cozy corners of the property can be used - both east and west of the farmhouse, among others. in the conservatory.

In addition, the property's extensions invite you to many possibilities, among other things. less animal husbandry, space-consuming hobbies, the small craftsman's workshop or just a proper mastery - the possibilities are many.

The living room was built in 1997 and presents itself in the finest manner and ready to move in. The living room contains many well-used square meters. Here is room for the family and if more space is desired, then the unoccupied attic room is ready to become part of the residence.

In 2002, the property was awarded the Building Harmony Award from Vesthimmerlands Landboforening (now Agri Nord).

Here is space - here is coziness - here is calm.

The property is under development.

Type Overig
Price 5975000
Price in Euros's  € 800.198
Address Markedsdalen 63, Østerbølle
zip code 9620
Residence Vesthimmerlands
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 30,9217



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