Aars | Crop | 80,7215 hectare


Plant breeding and turkeys. 81 ha. between Gedsted and Aalestrup.

This farm lies between Klotrup and Gørup in the southernmost part of Vesthimmerland municipality.
There are 2 properties. A property where there have previously been pigs, where the buildings are used for machines and the farmhouse is rented out - as well as the main property, where there is production of approx. 37,000 turkey turkeys from 5 -16 weeks.
Production takes place in stables, where there are primarily steel rafters and heating either with oil furnaces or heat cannons, which are used for insertion during the cold periods. There are 4 houses with production and independent feed strings for each house. Production takes place on the basis that all stables are emptied at the same time. All turkeys go on deep litter and after each team this is driven into field stacks that are covered until it can be delivered.
In current production, the turkeys are inserted by the supplier and the owner is the operator and leases the production plant.
The land areas consist of flat good fields. The total area of the farm is approx. 81 hectares of which there are approx. 71 ha. in rotation, approx. 7 ha. meadow without hectare support and remaining approx. 3 hectares are building parcels and other areas.
The living room is spacious and well maintained with a large garden and terrace in the garden. Heating from oil furnace and connected to common general water supply.

The large operating buildings will also be useful as warehouses, etc. when turkey production ceases.

After the sale, the seller may be interested in entering into a lease agreement for farmhouses and farm buildings on Korsvejen 36 after a detailed discussion.

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Type Akkerbouwbedrijf
Price 14000000
Price in Euros's  € 1.874.439
Address Korsvejen 36
zip code 9620
Residence Vesthimmerlands
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 80,7215



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