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Ulkind Midtgård is a well-run farm with full-line UK production of slaughter pigs from approx. 730 lakes and an operation of plant breeding including 123 ha of milk potatoes and a total field plan of 417 ha including leases.
The property is well maintained. newly built stables for slaughter pigs from 2018. The operation is at a high average rate of return of approx. 5% over the past 5 years.

The total holding consists of 3 building kits, where currently. is production on the 2 of the properties, in addition there are 3 buildingless properties.
The properties have a total area of 361 ha, with approx. 310.87 ha is eligible arable land, approx. 2.3 ha permanent grass and approx. 1.4 ha set aside for MVJ scheme without operation. All the areas are in a good overall arrangement within a radius of approx. 4 km. Irrigation of most of the soil is permitted.

"Ulkind Middleyard" Diagonal Road 112
A total of 145.66 ha; where approx. 119.67 ha is arable land in rotation and approx. 1.43 ha with MVJ commitments. The areas are incl. areas from the building without property Hovedgaden, as well as releasing Hovedgaden 38A. The rest are building parcels, deduction areas, etc.
On the property there is waste production from approx. 730 sows with pigs for 7 kg. Subsequently, the piglets are moved to Skolevej 3. The plant has been continuously adapted and an extension has been carried out in 2006 for detached pregnant lakes.
The herd of the property is SPF + myc and lies with a good efficiency of approx. 33 weaned pigs per day. sow.

There are 2 good machine houses, one with a workshop.

Large presentable farmhouse from 2002 fully walled in 2 levels and contains a total of 265 sqm.

"Mosegård" School Road 3
Total approx. 163.45 ha; where approx. 148.46 ha are eligible arable land and approx. 2.37 ha is permanent grass. The areas are incl. areas from the building without property Klinkvej 0. The rest is building parcels, deductions, etc.

The operation of the property is to a large extent in recent stables from 2017. In addition, there are slightly older piglet stables. There is a permitted production on the property for 20,000 piglets 7-32 kg and 23,000 slaughter pigs 32-110 kg.

The stable is rationally constructed with good working conditions and crew facilities. There is a large wet feeding plant with associated grinding / mixing plant. Cereals are stored in their own gas-tight silo. In addition, the plant has been expanded with corn spreads for use with core corn feeding.

The oldest farm buildings on the property have previously been used for slaughter pigs, but are currently used. does not. The farmhouse is used as employee housing.

Diagonal paths 134 & 140
A total of 52.33 ha; where 42.74 ha is eligible arable land - the rest is a bit of forest, meadow and building parcel.
The areas are incl. land from the building without property Diagonal road 140.

The operating buildings consist of a V-stable erected in 2010 and a large covered slurry tank of 3,200 m3. The property is approved for production of 4,800 offal.

There is an older apartment that is rented out on a regular lease. In addition, older barns and barns that are not used for production.

There is a large well-maintained and well-equipped machinery park for the operation of the potato production with potato production.

Type Vleesvarkensbedrijf
Price 75000000
Price in Euros's  € 10.059.553
Address Diagonalvejen 112
zip code 7323
Residence Vejle
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 362,1394



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