Varde | veehouderij | 73,8438 hectare


Cattle farm with detached barn with space for 104 cows + breeding

Now cattle farm is offered with detached barn - located approx. 600 meters from the city sign to Lunde by Nørre Nebel for sale.

The property has an area of 73.84 ha; of which approx. 68.40 ha of eligible arable land and approx. 1.38 ha of permanent grass. The soil consists of coarse sandy soil, clay mixed sandy soil and a little humus soil. The earth has a very good overall location around the buildings. There are field irrigation plants and permits, but the plant has not been used for several years.

The farmhouse is a total of 234 m2 on one level built in 1985 and built in 2008 with 4 large rooms and extra bathroom. There is room for a large family.

The farm buildings consist of a detached barn of 1206 m2 from 2004 with room for 104 cows + breeding. In addition, livestock housing, calf barn, machine house etc. Furthermore, running silos and manure tanks. The farm buildings have a reasonable location.

There is a smaller machinery park for the property - the land is operated mainly with the help of the machine station.

The herd consists of Holstein cows as well as a few crossings - the benefit currently stands at 9.336 kg EKM per year. cow-year.

The property is sold in full operation with herds, holdings and machinery for use in feeding.
The environmental approval is from 2018

The property may can be purchased without a crew - please inquire at Agriteam Varde 75211644.

Type Veehouderij
Price 14500000
Price in Euros's  € 1.948.741
Address Langsigvej 11, Lunde
zip code 6830
Residence Varde
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 73,8438



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