Varde | veehouderij | 231,757 hectare


Well-run cattle farm approved for 398.58 DE

"Warehouse" is a well-run milk production property located a few km from Ølgod.

The property, together with 2 additional properties during the operation, has an associated area of a total of 231.75 ha. The soil is in a slightly sensible arrest, though with a slightly longer distance to the property Kildegårdsvej 7 at approx. 8 km. Of the total area, approx. 208.13 ha of eligible arable land and approx. 10.59 ha of permanent grass. The soil consists mainly of clay soil sandy soil and coarse sand soil. There is permission to water part of the soil.

The operation on "Gammelager" consists of a milk production from approx. 140 year cows with associated breeding and plant breeding.

The milk production is in a large loose barn, where milking is done with 2 pcs. DeLaval milking robots. The stables are designed for everyone with an eye for good logistics and work-friendly solutions. There are good storage possibilities for roughage in large fodder and fixed driving silos.

On the two associated properties, there are only single buildings for machine and straw storage and slurry containers.

The living room is furnished on two levels with a total living area of 232 sqm and has been continuously renovated.

The crew of the property is well-suited and has an efficiency with an average performance of approx. 10,073 kg. ECM per. year shoes and a cell number average of approx. 190,000.

The field work is carried out with its own well-equipped machinery.

The property is sold with crew, holdings and machines.

Type Veehouderij
Price 25733000
Price in Euros's  € 3.451.500
Address Birkekærvej 1, Forsomho
zip code 6870
Residence Varde
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 231,757



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