Varde | Mink farm / fur animals | 43,6392 hectare



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Well-run mink farm with approval for 3,296 annual seasons located at the Orten, approx. 5 km from Varde.

The mink farm has an associated area of 43.63 ha, of which approx. 40.60 hectares are eligible arable land. The land is divided into 3 plots, 2 of which are slightly away from the property. The soil consists of clay mixed sandy soil and coarse sand soil.

To the farm is included a large, presentable farmhouse of 248 sqm, which is heated by ground heating. There is also a 9.33 kwh solar power plant on the mink farm, which gives the house an attractive energy class.

In connection with the dwelling, there are 2 longer farm buildings that have previously functioned as fursi. These are today equipped with good crew facilities and storage rooms. In addition, there is a large machine house with workshop etc.

Along with the mink farm, there is also field operation on the property and a well-equipped and well-maintained machine park is included.

The mink farm is well maintained both inside and out. The farm is equipped with a good logistics, where the focal point is 2 large enclosed halls of 12 and 16 rows respectively. The rest of the farm consists of 1 piece. 4 row hall, 1 piece. 6 row hall and 3 pcs. 2 rowed halls - a total of approx. 10,264 burrum, where approx. 1,200 is with a pop-up module.

The property is approved for 3,296 annual seasons, equivalent to 96.9 DE.

A well-fitted stem arrangement is included in 5 different types

Type nertsen
Price 12700000
Price in Euros's  € 1.706.416
Address Søvigbækvej 11, Orten
zip code 6800
Residence Varde
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 43,6392



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