Tinglev | Melkveehouderij | 135 hectare

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Ligaard is an organic milk production property, located southeast of Bolderslev in Southern Jutland.
The properties have a total land area of ​​135,9031 ha, of which approx. 114 ha. is in rotation, cf. ground plan 2018.
The animal production consists of 170 annual queues with associated breeding with delivery to Natural milk and with label approved by the animals' protection. New approval is available from 2018 to approx. 200 yearly cows with breeding - from production areas.

The living room is built as a Y-house in yellow stone and placed with black brick in 2009, the home has a total living area of ​​451 sqm. The home is in good condition and with large, bright and regular rooms. Pt. used approx. 80 sqm. of the accommodation for bed and breakfast.

The farm buildings consist of a cowshed furnished with 3-row beds for the cows, a feeding table and 2-row beds for young animals. The stable was originally built in 1998 and extended in 2004. The facility is equipped with 185 beds and 145 beds for young people. All beds are with straw mattress and with full slatted floor.
In addition, deep-bedding area used as draining and calving box.
Milking parlor with 2 x 10 SAC system. Heat timer is used for heat control. In connection with the milking parlor there are offices and engineering rooms with associated SSP milk tank of 6,150 liters.
Combined with the costume is originally a feeding barn which is used for the housing of calves and heifers in deep bedding, as well as for bags etc. The original boarding house, which is structurally built together with the barn, is used for calving department and relief, a total of 11 boxes of deep bedding.
At the original boarding house, a fixed area has been cast for calves, which are housed in single-calf cottages with roofs and in common boxes, the area is used at the same time as meeting place.
In continuation of the boarding house, there is an extension of the machine house in 2006.

Behind the stable, in 2016, 4 driving silos were erected as well as a large lining with 4 inner silos and room for straw. At and around the buildings there are good fixed paved roads.
Contrary to the property, slurry containers of 4,000 m3 have been erected with cover. Behind the building kit is a slurry tank of 1,800 m3.

The soil is well arrested at and around the properties and consists predominantly of coarse sand and clay soil sandy soil.

Type Melkveehouderij
Price Bieden
Price in Euros's 
Address Åbenråvej 160
zip code 6360
Residence Tinglev
How much amount of land ownership? 135
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 135



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