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The property Sommervang is a cattle farm located south of Try near Hjallerup. The property consists of 3 properties, of which 2 are with production buildings and a buildingless building. Sold without crew and stock. The Earth: The total area of the enterprise is 217.4971 ha. It's everything from clay soil to ...

Type Veehouderij
Price 33.250.000
Price in Euros's  € 4.449.470
Address Sommervangsvej 8
Address2 9330
zip code
Residence Sommervangsvej
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 217,50 ha

The Sommervang property is a cattle estate located south of Try ved Hjallerup.
The property consists of 3 properties, of which 2 are with production buildings as well as one without a building. Sold without herd and inventory.

Soil: The total area of the farm is 217,4971 ha. It ranges from clay soil to black soil and meadow.
The land is divided into 170.83 ha of arable land, 2.75 ha of perennial grass. The rest are recreational areas with lake, scrub, forest, etc. There is very good hunting on the farm. See attached area grid.

Sommervang - Sommervangsvej 8, Dronninglund

The property's operating buildings are for the older part erected in red stones, the newer ones in red steel sheets and with roofs of eternite. The areas are according to. BBR.
They consist of:
Loose stables - Item 5 of 2002 m2 built in 1994 as feed barrel, in 1999 converted to loose stables with deep bedding. In 2008 expanded and rebuilt to a 3 row stable with 160 beds. The floor is slatted with scrapers. There is a walkway along the side with catch grilles. At the end there is a gathering place as well as a large calving box. The cows lie on mattresses with cut straw and in the ceiling are 6 large fans. In the corner of the stable there are 2 × 8 De Laval milking parlors.
Youth stable - Litters 3 and 7 of 871 m2 built in 1903 and 2002 are equipped with 4 large deep litter boxes for young animals. Is in steel rafters with side feed. It's open in kip.
Calf stable - Litera 4 of 570 m2 built in 1977 is furnished with a section with single boxes for small calves and sections with 6 common boxes with deep litter for larger calves. In addition, there are boiler rooms with stove stove, boiler room with 14,000 liters of cooling tank as well as a washing machine for rags and freezer for raw milk. In this room, all power comes in to the property.
Feeding drawer - Litera 6 of 1210 m2 was built in 2002 and is used for feed storage. On one side there are 2 large deep litter boxes for gold cows and 2 smaller boxes for sick and calving boxes. Opposite there is floor storage for cereals. Large gate in the gable.
Gl. stable / garage - Litera 2 is 200 m2 and built in 1903 and 2003. Used for garage and storage of various materials for agriculture.
Strawberry - Litera 8 is 672 m2 and built in 2006. It is exclusively with roof and with sandy bottom. Used for straw storage.
Plan silos - Lit 9 is 1320 m2 and built in 2009.
Previous slurry tank has been removed and the bottom is used for chemical loading site.
Slurry tanks - 2 pieces of 1060 m2 and 4000 m2 respectively.

The farmhouse one built in 1897 and 2000 with a registered living space of 342 m2. The accommodation is furnished with hallway, utility room, office, bathroom with shower, kitchen / dining room, dining room, bedroom, large room, dining room, hallway and living room. The first floor is furnished with a new room, repos, open ceiling and old room.

Enggården - Ø Hassingvej 21, Dronninglund

The farm buildings are built in red stones and with different types of roofs. Some of the buildings are not used and have been pig houses in the past.
Double garage - Lit 10 is 40 m2 and furnished for 2 cars.
Engine house - Lit 11 is 356 m2 with molded bottom and gates in both ends.
Straw house - Lit 7 is 121 m2 for storing small bales for the property's straw fir.
Pig stables - Liters 2 and 5 are a total of 419 m2 and are unused.
Boiler room / storage room - Lit 4 is 195 m2 and is equipped with boiler room, weight room and storage room. At the end of these buildings are former pig stables.
Drawer - Lit 3 is 307 m2 with partially inserted steel arches. Mainly used for small machines.
Machine house - Litra 6 is 302 m2 and has a large gate in the gable. Used exclusively for machines.
Slurry tank of 1060 m3.

Beautiful redstone residence with newer black tile roof. Built in 1934/89 and with a registered living area of 180 m2. Equipped with hallway, entrance to the first floor, large living room, large kitchen / family room, backyard, living room, bathroom with shower. To the south there is a large garden. On the first floor there is an office, large room, bedroom and toilet.

Cattle holding with space for 180 cows and breeding with a land area of 217,4971 ha of which 173.77 ha is arable land.
Most of the rest area is nature devoted to hunting grounds with lakes, remotes and woods.
Very good hunting.



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