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SkårupgårdSkårupgård is a modern cattle farm with permission for 377 cows plus breeding and a landowner of 480 ha. The property is fully operational and sold with machinery for use in milk production. The company consists of 3 properties with buildings and 2 buildings without buildings - All of it ...

Type Veehouderij
Price 72.500.000
Price in Euros's  € 9.705.229
Address Skårupvej 66
Address2 9500
zip code
Residence Skårupvej
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 479,73 ha

Skårupgård is a modern cattle farm with permission for 377 cows plus breeding and a landowner of 480 ha. The property is fully operational and sold with machinery for use in milk production.
The company consists of 3 properties with buildings and 2 buildings without buildings - The whole of animal production is assembled ie plants. The company is sold by bankruptcy estate with full disclaimer.

The production plant is divided as follows:

Furnished with 385 cubicles distributed by:
- 2 sections with 129 and 131 cubicles located on either side of 4 Laly robots. The section has 4 rows of cubicles
- 64 cubicles for gold cows in 8 rows of cubicles
- 60 cubicles for new calves equipped with 2 rows of cubicles and with 1 Laly robot
- calving barn with the possibility of individual division

In all cubicles, fiber is spread. The bunk beds are partly basins and partly cubicles with mats. Fiber was poured out from the suspension track and its own separation plant.

Slurry is handled with separation plants and with automatic round flushing throughout the plant.

In connection with the boarding house is the milking center with eg. 24,000 liter cooling tank.

heifer Stable
Furnished with a feed passage in the middle and two sections with young animals from 6 months to running. One side is furnished with approx. 115
cubicles with mats and two rows of columns. The other side is furnished with approx. 4 meter deep bedding in basin and 3.5 meters total
ca. 50 meters in length. In the stable there is round flush.

heifer Stable
The large quarterly figure contains heifers from running to calving. Here there are approx. 200 cubicles with mats in cubicles and columns. There are two
rows on each side of the liner. The stable has a rinse in slurry tank.

calves Stable
The Kalvestalden is furnished with six boxes. The four boxes are 10 * 4.5 meters and are arranged for quarter-calves from 14 days to months Here are fixed
suture stations and deep bedding. In addition, there are two boxes a. 8 * 3.5 meters for bull calves - here are not sut stations. It is made
ventilation system for optimal air change.

feed Barn
Decorated with a solid floor and fitted with a planar bearing for mineral substances, supplemental feed and auxiliary material. The barn is fitted with steel rafters
and covered with plates. Here is also the possibility of fixed access through the gable end.

10 silos with approx. 10 m width and 35 m length. A single, however, with 50 m. Length. Plans silos are established with
fixed access conditions and used for silage. 2 of the silos are used for outdoor calves.

A machine house is located centrally on the property. Here is a workshop with the possibility of heating and with storage facilities for
Help supplies.

At Skårupvej 68 a straw house with a firm bottom has been established. There are excellent access conditions through the gable and side. The size does
useful for a wide variety of purposes.

engine house
There are several machinehouses and half roofs attached. The largest machine house is closed on three sides and driveway from across the long side.

There are also two dryers on the property according to the plan storage principle with removable channels. Both can be operated with oil blowers. IN
Attached to the stable three slurry tanks are immersed in terrain. They are on respectively. 1,600, 3,000 and 4,000 kbm. The two largest are
covered with tent cloth.


Skårupvej 66
The home was built in 1968 in red stone with a floor plan of 202 m2 with fully utilized ceiling. The home is well-appointed functional and in really good condition. The home is heated from the property's straw boiler.

Skårupvej 64
The home was built in 1962 as an employee residence and is 100 m2. The home is built in red stones and rented out.

Skårupvej 68
The property was built in 1910 and renovated in 1966 and is today being sold by the property's forester. The ground floor is 125 m2 with partly used ceiling.

Environmental Authorization
377 full-breed cows are allowed and 10,200 kg are milked. ECM in the crew.

Ørrisvej 2
Ørrisvej 2 is located five kilometers from Skårupgård. The property consists of a former boarding house where the furniture is partially cleared. The building is 1813 m2 built in 1999 and is primarily used for straw storage.
Machinehouse built in 1979 of 604 m2.

slurry tank
Ca. 200 m from the building parcel is located 2 slurry containers of 1,500 and 600 m3, respectively.

The 224 m2 living room is built in red stone and roof of cemensten. The first room is not used but is
emptied and provides opportunities for future involvement in housing.

The home is heated by a geothermal system and is connected to a 6 kw solar cell installation located on the roof of the machine house.

The earth
The soil is distributed in large lumps and there is to the property approx. 386 ha. in about operation. In addition, approx. 25.5 ha. permanent grass and 5.6 ha.
MVJ. Most soil is safe for cultivation and is well suited for the production of roughage. There is cattle supplement on part of the farm


To Ørrisvej 2 there is a water irrigation permit for 56,000 m3 and for Skårupvej 66 there is a permit for 77,000 m3.

The property is sold as a bankruptcy estate with full disclaimer.



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