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The property is located in Silkeborg Municipality by Vinderslev a few kilometers from Kjellerup. The operation is based on plant breeding as well as on the production of slaughter pigs with permission for approx. 7,200 pigs. Production takes place in both older and newer buildings, where production is currently. is set.

The property has been run together with the property Pederstrupvej 30, which is a plant breeding / butchery estate with production of 8,500 offal and with 95.5 hectares. It is located at a short distance and is also for sale. The total production on the 2 properties was thus 15-16,000 pigs from approx. 30 kg.

There are 35 acres to the property where they approx. 30 hectares is in circulation. These are leased for 2018. The areas are close to the building parcel and the land is clay mixed land with good cultivation security.

The property belongs to the red brick farmhouse, built in 1906, built in 1972 and later modernized. 177 sqm floor plan with utilized roof. Heating with pellet boiler combined with heat pump.

The primary production took place in the slaughter pig stable from 2010, which is divided into 3 sections and dispensing department with both water and feed so that it can be used in production. In addition, there are additional older stable functional 440 pitches. Here is a machine house and feed drawer with silos and mixes. The mixer and elevators for cereals etc. must be expected to be renovated when commissioned. Here, father, all feed for both production sites is mixed. There are 2 slurry containers with cover and alarm.

Both properties are financed by Nordea, which does not refuse to contribute to a buyer financing the operation. Current mortgage lending is approx. 7.2 million for this property.

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Type Akkerbouwbedrijf
Price 5500000
Price in Euros's  € 737.819
Address Vinderslevholmvej 44
zip code 8620
Residence Silkeborg
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 35,0836



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