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The property, which often supplies the first new Danish potatoes, is now for sale

In the middle of Samsø, in Østerby, the property is located. The land is within a short distance and some are right up to the property.

Here is a fantastic well-kept hunt, good housing and good farm buildings for vegetable production.

The property's land area is 100,2194 ha.

Arable land:
86.05 ha are in circulation. The land is close to Østerby, and some are just up the property. Water is allowed from 7 reservoirs
without limit on inflated quantity, but with water level requirements in reservoirs. It is stated from the seller that there has not been
problems with amount of water. The quality is varied, from fine sand to sandy clay soil.
The soil is run along with vegetables, mainly very early potatoes, sweet corn and pumpkin, as well as
cereal crops. The earliest Danish potatoes have been grown on the property for several years. There is a lot of competition to deliver precisely
the first Danish potatoes, so it shows the good quality and location for potatoes and vegetables. So far, GASA North Green has been delivered.
Incl. leases, the operation in the harvest year 2019 was approx. 165 ha..Seller will assist with information about the renter to new owner.

Nature and hunting:
The property is extremely attractive to the nature and hunting enthusiasts. A small part of the property, Søholm / Lundgærde, is together
with neighbors for several years has been optimized for hunting, where there is a joint agreement on hunting until 1 April 2021, which also guarantees the right of owners
for hunting the acreage. However, the best hunting areas have been reserved for the owner alone. In addition to the 7 water reservoirs for field irrigation, there are a number
greenery, shelters and other beautiful nature for hunting the property. The "reserve" should be particularly emphasized, which some people consider to be
The center of Denmark.

Built in 1877 and constantly renovated. Today appears as a modern residence. Living space of 144 m2 and 60 m2 of commercial space. Contains good
downstairs with access to small toilet with washing machine and access to large, bright kitchen with good dining area. From the kitchen there is access to
small office and to large corner living room with fireplace. Hallway staircase to 1 floor containing large bathroom and 2 bedrooms and bedroom
in gable. From the rear, there is also access to the business area where the pill fire is located. Here is a good, regular room with small guest toilet. Has been
used for employees. From here access to car garage.

Operating Buildings:
Built at an angle to a dwelling, there are 2 cold rooms totaling 200 m2, a small part of which is included for hobby space. The cold rooms have been
used in operations up to the present, including for the storage of various vegetables. Regular spaces with versatile use. At the front there are semi-roofs established so that crops on the road in stock can stand in dry weather. Behind the cold rooms
a storage space of 190 m2 has been built, and in the extension of the cold storage rooms there are 65 m2 barn which has been used for sorting
vegetables. Self-contained 2 halls built in steel rafters with steel plates on the sides and steel plate roofs. One used as a warehouse for potato boxes, etc., the other furnished with Hylleberg
ventilation plant for potatoes etc.
On the second matrix, approx. 1 km from here, a machine room of 260 m2 is located.

Other things:
The property's buildings are nicely and continuously maintained. Very manageable building kit where needed to operate one
vegetable production.
The operation is Global Gap certified
The property is taken over free of delivery duties, crops, stocks, machines and employees. The soil is taken over as stump / plowed. It is possible for the buyer to enter into an agreement with GASA Nordgrønt regarding the marketing of maize and pumpkin, if possible
approval and become a member of GASA Nordgrønt. If this is of interest, the buyer must contact GASA Nordgrønt himself for
closer. The seller was a member of GASA Nordgrønt and had major agreements with GASA Nordgrønt regarding the marketing of these crops.

Regarding land Østerby City, Besser, 5g, 2 building plots for sale are offered on the part which lies west of Østerbyvej. If a sale is made, the remaining property's offered price will be reduced by DKK 75,000 per share. land sold. The 2 plots are 5299 m2 and 5322 m2 respectively. Elaboration of the grounds has not been initiated. The purchase price release must be accepted by the buyer before final clearance is completed.

Exciting property for the outdoor gardener who strives to deliver early, deliver quality and deliver Danish vegetables.

Contact Agriteam Randers for further information on 22 52 99 13

Type Akkerbouwbedrijf
Price 18500000
Price in Euros's  € 2.476.142
Address Østerbyvej 7
zip code 8305
Residence Samsø
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 100,2194



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