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32 hectares spread over many properties. Bid if necessary. individually.

Between Hadsund, Terndrup and Øster Hurup in Solbjerg is this property, which in addition to the main property Bøgevej 15 constitutes a number of other areas distributed over several properties described below.

Bøgevej 15.
A leisure farm of 5.2511 hectares. here is a well-kept small farmhouse, stables for horses and surrounding folds, machine house in sibling elements and partly furnished machines - but also with boiler room, where there is a stoker furnace, workshop and living room. From this farm building, the entire Christmas tree and decorative green production of the approx. 32 hectares.
Approx. 100 meters from the buildings on the opposite side of the road is an area with Christmas trees and decorative greenery. Here are a number of Norman spruces of 8 years - used for cutting and partly Norman Christmas trees of 5-7 years. A little from the property is 1.1 hectares of forest. This could be cleared and the land used as ordinary. farmland. The farmhouse is connected to the public water supply and public sewer.

Skovhusvej 35.
Non-residential agricultural property of 2.8069 hectares. The area is divided into 2 areas. One piece does not lie with others and the other - the approx. 1.7 ha. is located together with other of the owned areas. In the areas there are some 8-year-old Norman spruces, from which slender larger Christmas trees are sold - in addition, there is a lot of spruce and nature on the property.

Matrikel 22x, 22an, 71c og 74h Bælum by, Bælum.
Non-residential agricultural property of 10.2328 hectares. These areas are partly with a meadow area of approx. 1.8 ha. which has no significant value and partly 8.4605 hectares, which are connected to the freehold areas on Fruerhusvej. They are planted with originally approx. 20,000 Norman spruce in 7 years. and for that grassland in meadow.

Below are the areas that are freehold and can be acquired by anyone without connection to agricultural property.

Fruerhusvej 7B and Matrikel 27b, 27c and 22y Bælum By.
Forms 2 properties, both of which are freeholds and border completely together. The one on 1.1937 ha. and the other on 5.5758 acres. I see these 2 properties together. And on the areas there are a number of 7-year-old spruces and a little Norman spruce of 2 years, - as well as a little more spruce and noble spruce for cutting and light-open areas.

Frijordareal 1aæ Gl. Wiffertsholm Hgd., Solbjerg.
Here is 2.6010 ha. which borders the 1.1 hectare forest belonging to Bøgevej 15. In addition to nature, approx. the 2 ha., which lie with grass and were formerly cultivated normally with cereal crops.

Wiffertsholmvej 3.
Freehold property of 5.3210 in former gravel pit. Here is Norman spruce of 7-10 years, and a little red spruce.

The properties are to be sold together - but everyone can also bid on the individual properties. Here, the seller will then decide whether the sale is interesting. Sold as a bankruptcy estate with a disclaimer as such.

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Type speciallandbrug
Price 5500000
Price in Euros's  € 739.168
Address Bøgevej 15
zip code 9574
Residence Rebild
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 32,9823



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