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The company consists of the property Rådvedvej 64, 8700 Horsens with a land of 63.07 ha. and Møllersmindevej 1, 8700 Horsens of 43.19 ha. The property is well located at Rådved near Horsens and with good logistics between the two production properties. EARTH AREA: For the entire business there is ...

Type Zeugenhouderij
Price 23.900.000
Price in Euros's  € 3.199.165
Address Rådvedvej 64, Rådved
Address2 8700
zip code
Residence Rådvedvej
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 106,26 ha

The company consists of the property Rådvedvej 64, 8700 Horsens with a land of 63.07 ha. and Møllersmindevej 1, 8700 Horsens of 43.19 ha. The property is well located at Rådved near Horsens and with good logistics between the two production properties.


For the entire company there are approx. 96 ha. in rotation, approx. 1.5 ha. MFO areas and 3-4 hectares. forest and nature areas.


The home on Rådvedvej 64 is a farmhouse built in red stone with an eternite roof from 1914 with a total living area of 214 m2. The home appears neat and well maintained and is partly modernized. Layout: Utility room with tiled floor, table with sink and washing facilities, nice large kitchen / living room with newer kitchen, bright bathroom with shower, priority with staircase to the attic, room / office with closet space, living room with wooden floor and exit to the garden. There is underfloor heating throughout the ground floor with the exception of the hallway and the office. The roof floor is furnished with 5 rooms, distribution hall and bathroom with shower.

The property is heated with solid fuel for tile and supplied with waterworks. Drainage takes place to newer seeding plants. The property is centrally located in beautiful nature with a short distance to motorway, shopping and sports facilities in Egebjerg town.

The living room at Møllersmindevej 1 is divided into 3 apartments, but without being notified to the municipality. The living room from 1852 is white-washed with a red tiled roof with a total living area of 220 m2. The roof needs replacement. All 3 apartments are rented to employees.

The house and the stables are heated with newer geothermal heat with 2 km of hose and supplied with waterworks. Drainage is done by public sewer.


Rådvedvej 64, 8700 Horsens

The property is a traditional property with approx. 750 lakes. The pigs are moved to Møllersmindevej 1 at 7 kg. All feed is purchased and stored in three feed silos, respectively. 6 + 6 + 15 tons, which makes it possible to run with two compound feed. The farm buildings have been built with regard to internal logistics, and there is a good connection in the housing complex. The crew is remedied and the new crew has Blue SPF status. The ventilation system is primarily Forest.

Building 1:
Pregnancy stall from 1997 but appears newly renovated. It is furnished with 18 paths - 9 pcs. on each side of the through aisle. The stable is furnished with 1/3 slots and 2/3 solid floor. Here is floor-lined with dry food. There is natural ventilation and the slurry is diverted by drag and drop. In the gable there is a roller gate for easy access. The inventory is from Jyden.

Building 2:
The pedestal is constructed with two through corridors with boxes on each side. There are two rows of boxes with 16 seats each and another 7 paths with room for 6. Here are fed along the wall in long cribs.

Building 3:
Pantry with two sections, each with 20 danger pens separated by a wash wall. The paths are side-facing with the caves facing the aisle. Here is electric floor heating and there is fed with dry food. The inventory has been renovated and appears neat and functional. There is equal pressure ventilation and new cast iron grids in 1/3 of the path.

Building 4:
Danger stall fully sectioned in 2 sections each with 12 side-facing farrowing pens. The structure is exactly like building 3, but with underpressure ventilation. In the east-facing gable, there is a small depot and room for installations and bags.

Building 5:
The building is divided into three sections. To the east there are rooms with toilet facilities and welfare rooms. Next, a police department with 10 paths and room for approx. 80 poles in total. The paths are furnished with 1/3 cast iron grates and 2/3 solid floor. Here is equal pressure ventilation and floor feeding. The last section consists of a farrowing room with a total of 31 farrowing pens. Here are underfloor heating in the cabins in combination with heat lamps.

Building 6:
Cabin with 3 sections and 30 farrowing pens. section. The stable is traditionally furnished with floor heating and heating lamps in the cottages. Ventilation under pressure and fed with dry food in all cribs. Piglets are loaded through the delivery ramp to the courtyard.

Building 7:
Smaller department arranged as stable office with storage space for spare parts and medicine.

Building 8:
Pregnancy stable with a total of 16 paths divided by a central aisle and two hospital paths furthest to the north. Here also straw is stored, which can be inserted through a roller gate in the gable. Floors and fixtures have been renovated recently and appear neat and extremely functional. The slurry is released with a line game.

Building 9:
Machine housing fitted with fixed bottom and steel rails. It is used today for storing straw and chips for the property's stork fur. In the boiler room is a REKA lighthouse of 60 kW from 2016. In addition, a workshop with fixed floor.

Building 12:
Slurry tank established in 1994. Space content of 2,000 kbm, which is used to receive degassed slurry from the biogas plant.

Building 13:
Newly established tank of 100 kbm, which is used to collect slurry for the biogas. Here, approx. once a week.

Møllersmindevej 1, 8700 Horsens

The property is mainly used for piglets which are marketed at 30 kg. It is fed with finished feed, which is stored in 2 x 9 tons and 2 x 3 tons of silos. The silos are filled with auger through locks on the roof of the feed tray.

Building 2:
Traditional finisher whale with a total of 640 dotted lines divided into two sections. The stable is constructed according to the STRAWFLOW method and has been recently renovated. One section has functioned as a pole stall and the other for fattening its own pigs. There is pipe lining with a separate string from the feed tray.

Building 3:
Warehouse building used for storage.

Building 4:
Feeding tray with fixed bottom and steel rafters. Used for storing straw and bag goods and feed in the four aforementioned silos.

Building 5:
Traditional 2-climate stall with a through central aisle and 10 entire sections as well as 2 half sections with room for a total of approx. 4,800 7-30 kg. pigs. The paths are furnished with floor heating and 1/3 concrete slabs. To the north, there is a front and technical room, where the heat exchanger for the property's ground heating system is located. There is diffuse ventilation in the barn.

Building 6:
2-climate room in the same interior as building 6 with cast iron grates.

Building 7:
Slurry tank / tank of 300 kbm. Has pick up the biogas plant slurry.

Building 8:
Perstrup slurry tank of 3,500 kbm, where degassed slurry is received from the biogas plant.


Rådvedvej 64:
The environmental permit on the property given on 22-12-2016 and includes a production size of 750 year sows and 64 poles (80-120 kg.) Corresponding to 170.67 DE.

Møllersmindevej 1:
According to the letter of 06-06-2018, the following animal husbandry on the property is authorized - 700 pcs. slaughter pigs (32-107 kg.) and 22,565 piglets (7.2 - 32 kg.) totaling 126.43 DE.


The property is valued / offered with full crew. However, the crew is undergoing remediation as a result of an insurance case. In the deal
there can be an insurance against operating losses of 24 months. The crew that is deployed is blue SPF. Before cleaning up the farm, one has
achieved extremely good operating results, which can be documented and handed out.


The owner today has a grain silo on a neighboring property that is not included in the offer. Together with the silo, the owner has an agreement about
processing of feed on the neighbor's property.



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