Ørderup Nørremarksvej | Livestock | 114,74 hectare


Ørderup Nørremarksvej 1 is a former milk production located north of Toftlund. The animal production has been based on a permit for 335.5 animal units, divided into 190 cows and with associated breeding. Production is phased out in July 2018. The property's land is located in ...

Type Veehouderij
Price 12.995.000
Price in Euros's  € 1.746.569
Address Ørderup Nørremarksvej 1
Address2 6520
zip code
Residence Ørderup Nørremarksvej
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 114,74 ha

Ørderup Nroremarksvej 1 is a former dairy farm, located north of Toftlund.

Animal production has been based on a license for 335.5 animal units, distributed on 190 cows and with associated breeding. Production is phased out in July 2018.

The area of the property is located in the immediate vicinity of the building set and consists of 114.7 ha. matric area of which approx. 108 ha is area of land. The land is leased on a 1-year agreement.
The farmhouse was built in 1877 with the latest renovation and extension in 2000. The house appears white painted with red tile roof and appears in good condition. The house includes a large south-facing garden, which has access from a large, bright conservatory.

The farm buildings are suitable for breeding of young animals or calf production. The buildings appear washed and generally in good condition.

Two slurry containers with a total capacity of 2,880 m³.

Plane silo plant of 1,337 m² with side height up to 280 cm, suitable for eg storage of maize or other roughage for sale.

The soil type mainly consists of JB 1-3 - some of the soil is located lower with higher humus content. The majority of the soil can be irrigated. Payment rights are included with good surcharges (basic value of approx. DKK 1,800 / entitlement).

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