Øbjerg Øst | Livestock | 143,04 hectare


Cattle farm located between Toftlund and SkærbækThe property comprises 143 ha. which is distributed on the main property Øbjerg East 2, Toftlund with a matricular area on. 89.6110 ha, and building-free property Øbjerg East 7 with a land area of 52.7151 ha. Furthermore, the building pair ...

Type Veehouderij
Price 19.900.000
Price in Euros's  € 2.669.135
Address Øbjerg Øst 2
Address2 6520
zip code
Residence Øbjerg Øst
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 143,04 ha

Cattle farm located between Toftlund and Skærbæk

The property comprises 143 ha. which is distributed on the main property Øbjerg Øst 2, Toftlund with a land area of. 89,6110 ha, as well as building land Øbjerg Øst 7 with a land area of 52,7151 ha. Furthermore, the building parcel Øbjerg Øst 5, Toftlund with a land area of 7124 m².

The property was originally designed for milk production with approx. 160 cows with loose breeding, but today operated as heifers and a sheep farm of approx. 250 ewes.
Ground irrigation permit of 84,000 m3. According to the land plan, there is a total cultivated area of 135.60 ha

Approval has been granted to Øbjerg East 2 to 285.1 DE, corresponding to 468 heifers, 52 small calves and 330 sheep with lambs, cf. .

The property appears with an older red brick farmhouse with partially utilized 1st floor where separate accommodation with room, bath and kitchenette is furnished.
The ground floor contains an older dwelling which is furnished with a living room, 2 living rooms, 2 rooms, a kitchenette bathroom with shower and utility room.

The operating buildings include:

Older costume furnished for heifers, with slatted floors and approx. 30 beds.

Built with the above mentioned barn, there is a traditional split barn from 1984, originally insulated with ventilation systems, and with beds with mattresses and also with slatted floors.
To the south, this barn has been built together with detached stables from 1998, which are also traditionally furnished with a feeding table in the middle and with slatted floors and approx. 150 beds. Towards the feeding table, there are partly catch grids as well as fixed forks.
In this building there is natural ventilation.

In addition, manure farms from 1981 originally designed for dairy cattle with slatted floors and approx. 160 bed stalls with mattresses and catch grilles for feeding table.

Trays from 1976 used for calves and sheep on deep bedding.

Furthermore, older barn / barn building.

To the east there are 6 molded plane silos, of which 3 are approx. 8 x 18 m. and 3 is approx. 25 x 8 mtr. as well as good apron.

Slurry tank of 1050 m3 from 1980 and tank of 2000 m3 from 1994.

About 500 meters east of the main property is the second building set on Øbjerg Øst 5, which consists of a red brick house with steel roof that consists of utility room, bathroom, kitchen, living room and 4 rooms. The accommodation is rented to an employee.
This building set also consists of diet stalls from 1912 and pig stables from 1974, both of which are used for housing sheep in boxes on deep bedding. Area of this property constitutes. 7124 m2.

An agreement has been entered into regarding the housing of approx. 500 - 550 heifers - please inquire with the real estate agent.

On the property are 2 pieces. wind turbines which are not included in the trade, for which according to. the enlightened has received a one-time rent.



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