Brørup | pig | 137,3733 hectare


Pig Farm - approx. 700 lakes, almost full-line

Piglet production with approx. 700 annual lakes and production of approx. 18,000 pigs and sales of approx. 4200 piglets at 30 kg. Virtually
full line production with sows and piglets for approx. 20 kg on the main property Aagaarde, Møllegyden 19 and pigs from approx. 20 - 110
kg on Åbakken, Ejlskovvej 32 and in rented stables at a distance of 1 - 3 km from Møllegyden 19. In 2015, own feed center was established
with grain storage facilities and grinding / mixing plants that supply all stables with pre-mixed feed.

The total land area is 137.37 ha, of which approx. 128 hectares of land, approx. 3.5 ha is perm. grass and 0.9 ha of peace forest. The rest area is
building parcels, roads, lip planting, etc. Bonite clay mixed sandy soil, predominantly JB 4. Good arrangement.

"Aagaarde" Møllegyden 19: Presentable farmhouse with white painted wall applied to black tile roof. Built in 2007. Living space in 2 levels 281 sqm.
Gl. farmhouse with whitewashed wall applied to eternit roof. Built in 1777. Living space in 2 levels 175 sqm. Business buildings totaling 5719 sqm.

"Åbakken" Ejlskovvej 32: The buildings are located approx. 2 km from Møllegyden 19. Farmhouse with whitewashed wall applied to the cement roof. Listed in
1912. Continuously maintained and renovated. Living space in 2 levels 207 sqm. Operating buildings totaling 2502 sqm.

The property is sold in full operation incl. payment entitlements, machinery and operating equipment and crew.

Type Vleesvarkensbedrijf
Price 34500000
Price in Euros's  € 4.616.496
Address Møllegyden 19
zip code 5471
Residence Nordfyns
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 137,3733



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