Randers NV | pig | 168,3465 hectare


Independently located mansion south of Hobro

The company consists of the main property Søbjergvej 23, land from Søbjergvej 21 and a building without property, Glenstrup Søvej 50.

The properties' cadastral area is 168.3465 ha, of which 139.6 ha is good arable land in rotation and 2.36 ha permanent grass.

Pig production with about 600 sows.

Søbjergvej 23:
Operating Buildings:
The stables were built in the years 1991 to 2005 with a capacity of an estimated 500 yearling sows with pigs up to 30 kg. Today, together with a rented barn, with room for approx. 120 pregnant sows, a herd of 602 yearling sows over the past year with an efficiency of 31.4 offspring. pigs / sow. The rented barn is located at Søbjergvej 14 and the property is for sale at Agriteam Randers.

Anteroom with shower / toilet and office. Lunch room in older farm buildings by the farmhouse.
The stables are equipped with 126 farrowing pens with partial slatted floors and underfloor heating, 175 control boxes and a running section with 105 boxes.
Pregnant sows in large paths on slatted floors with wet feeding in long cribs. 6 baby stables, each divided into 2 paths. 6 climate stables with 16 paths in each. Wet feeding, full slits / fully drained floor and space heating. In addition, paths for piglets, boars and hospital paths. Smaller ancestral barn with partial slatted floor.
Skiold paint mixing plant from 2011 with disc mill, dry feed mixer, finished product silos, 3 mixing vessels. Total capacity of 1900 tons of grain in 3 American silos. Soy silos of 2 * 20 tons. Grain pit with 20h plant in machine house. Machine house with partially fixed floor, which is also used for straw storage for straw boilers.

2 slurry tanks totaling 3620 m2.

Outbuildings by the farmhouse contain a double garage, staff facilities, workshop and storage room

Newly built in 1994 in red brick with tile roof. Total living area is 270 m2. Built in neat, solid materials. Contains large entrance hall, dining kitchen, 2 living rooms and bathroom. Basement with laundry room. 1 floor with bathroom and 3 very large rooms.
The home is located high in the countryside with a beautiful view to the north over Glenstrup Lake, and around an easy and beautiful garden.

Residential and farm buildings are heated with Faust bigball boiler.

Søbjergvej 21:
The buildings have been sold to another side. Land from the property will be placed under Søbjergvej 23.

Glenstrup Søvej 50:
Building without property

An overall farm with good housing and the land is well gathered around the property.

Type Vleesvarkensbedrijf
Price 32100000
Price in Euros's  € 4.314.052
Address Søbjergvej 23
zip code 9550
Residence Mariagerfjord
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 168,3465



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