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Dairy herd Nørgård is located on Kallestrupvej between Møldrup and Aalestrup, together with 5 jointly owned properties on 237 hectares of land. The properties are Kallestrupvej 81.82, 83, 85, and 88. The main buildings on the main property, located on Kallestrupvej 83 and consist of ...

Type Veehouderij
Price 34.500.000
Price in Euros's  € 4.635.103
Address Kallestrupvej 83, 9632 Møldrup
Address2 9632
zip code
Residence Kallestrupvej
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 174,99 ha

Dairy herd Nørgård is located on Kallestrupvej between Møldrup and Aalestrup, together with 5 jointly owned properties on 237 hectares of land. The properties are Kallestrupvej 81.82, 83, 85, and 88.

The main buildings on the main property, located at Kallestrupvej 83 and consist of Kostald from 2007 with 4 Laly robots were built in 2015. The barn is divided with the robots across the middle through the barn and the milking cows in one half with 210 beds. The other half is used for calving boxes and 50 gold pitches. The stable is arranged so that additional robots can be inserted and the other half can be used for dairy cows. Feeding along the outer walls. Bed stalls with fiber mats and corridor areas with slots and scrapers. At the side of the house is an office, technical room etc. and outdoor milk silo for 20,000 kg of milk and power feed silo for feeding in the robots.

Stable for calf production from 2000, with 3 rows of beds (109) on one side and 6 deep litter boxes on the other. A total of just under 200 seats.

Dormitory with 150 beds. Slits in the corridors and mats in the beds.

Forage barns with direct indoor access to bull calves and young animals. In the feed drawer, grain is rolled from the newer Assentoft silo. There is a surcharge for the Assentoftso silo containing 4,000 barrels of grain (not on the building sketch). The calf barn has 7 calf barns with a door opening from the feeding crate and on the opposite side is open to the outside. Today, 2 of the sections are used for single boxes. Ventilation has been established in 2017 in the stable.

Furnished with 3 deep litter boxes for heifers (16 pieces in each) and 21 beds with slots, and some free space. At the end at the entrance to the stable there is tile storage and wood burning stove

2 pcs. older buildings without production.

Workshop and at the end 3 driving silos for power feed etc. that are handled from the outside.

Machine house.

Flat silos: A total of 4 x 60 x 42 x 2 meters are open at both ends.

Slurry containers: A total of 6 pieces. of 3,900 m3 respectively with roof and located in the field, 3,200 m3 located in the field, 2 pcs. and 1,000 m3, 1st paragraph. 650 m3, 1 pcs. 150 m3 (decommissioned).

Farmhouse Kallestrupvej 83
Large well maintained 1.5 plan redstone farmhouse with 245 sqm. housing and good usable basement. The farmhouse was built in 1971 with eternite roofing and wooden windows. The farmhouse is continuously nicely maintained and there is a renovated kitchen, toilet and bath.
The ground floor of the property contains on the ground floor: entrance hall with access to basements, toilet, hall with access to 1 floor, living room with arch opening to bright southwest facing kitchen family room. Corner living room with exit to the terrace and enclosed garden. Easy garden with lawn and large leafy trees.
Well-used ceiling plan with 6 rooms and toilet. To the south is a cool walkway and a large twig in the longitudinal direction of the house, which provides good well-utilized rooms and good light.
Basement is 80 sqm. and contains large laundry room, 3 available rooms and bath with bright tiles, corner bath and shower.
Heating of Kallestruvpej 81 and 83 at Flisfyr.

Kallestrupvej 81 is detached a 110 square meter forage master's residence. The villa is built of red bricks, windows in plastic profile and with ethernet roofing. Detached garage.
Facilities: Utility room with tiled floor and space for washing machine and dishwasher. Dining Kitchen. Distribution hallway, Bathroom with underfloor heating, porch, 3 rooms, and south-facing living room with access to the terrace.

Kallestrupvej 82 is 3 extended agricultural property. Good landscaped courtyard with pebbles. Extensions furnished with barn and older barn. The buildings are constructed of plastered and painted wall. The property's homes were modernized in 1986 with farmhouse-style windows and plastic profile exterior doors. Here is also a renovated bathroom with white tiles, shower and underfloor heating. Kitchen is renovated with kitchen elements and there is stove installed.
Layout: Large utility room with oil-fired space for washing machine, bathroom, main room with access to ceiling. Ceiling appears unused with chamber. Open corner living room and kitchen. 3 good size rooms.
Access road to the property via landscaped dirt road. The property is situated in a fantastic scenic area with hilly nature scenery at Simested Å. The location must be experienced. Heating by oil furnace.

Kallestrupvej 85 with spacious accommodation is located on asphalt road and appears with a nice yellow brick and windows in wood. The property has a large residence which is listed by 2 times. The accommodation has served as 2 dwellings and is therefore furnished with 2 kitchens, 2 living rooms, 2 bathrooms, 4-5 rooms. The home has not been renovated in recent years.

Kallestrupvej 88 with a smaller outhouse and good housing. The property has a courtyard with pebbles and 2 charming buildings that look great in natural stone Udhus with carriage gate out to the road. The other old farm buildings have been removed and a nice view of the surrounding fields has been opened from the farmhouse. Well maintained farmhouse was renovated in 2012 and appears to be in very good condition. Here are maintenance-free farmhouse windows to the north and to the east. Here is established pellet stove and underfloor heating in living room, kitchen utility room and bathroom. Accommodation is furnished with delicious utility room with plenty of room for washing facilities. Open kitchen living room. Boiler room. Bedroom, room and a slightly smaller room.



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