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This offers the milk production property Jernhytvej 47, Vojens. The total area of the farm consists of a total of 216,2073 ha. which is distributed on the main property Jernhytvej 47 of 97,4702 ha., Vojensvej 2 of 29,9697 ha. and 3 buildingless properties totaling 88,7674 ha. The owned commercial area ...

Type Veehouderij
Price 35.200.000
Price in Euros's  € 4.726.989
Address Jernhytvej 47, Jernhyt
Address2 6500
zip code
Residence Jernhytvej
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 216,21 ha

The milk production property Jernhytvej 47, Vojens is hereby offered.

The total area of the holding consists of a total of 216.2073 ha. which is distributed on the main property Jernhytvej 47 on 97.4702 ha., Vojensvej 2 on 29.9697 ha. as well as 3 building-free properties totaling 88.7674 ha.

The owned turnover area amounts to 190 ha. as well as 5.7 ha of perennial grass and recreational areas. The remaining area consists of 2.3 ha of forest, in addition fences, nature and buildings etc.

There is an irrigation permit for a total of 128,000 m3

Jernhytvej 47 has the following building set:
Nice and continuously modernized farmhouse with a total living area of 280 m2 according to BBR, which has an entrance hall, bright dining kitchen, 2 living rooms, 7 rooms 2 bathrooms which in total form a nice and bright home.
West of the farmhouse is a workshop / barn built over steel arches and with a cast base.

The farm buildings consist of cowsheds from 2000/2008 which are equipped with a good wide feeding table, where there are a total of approx. 258 bed stalls in 3 rows on each side. just as to the west, a building has been added with collection space, from which there is an entrance to the inner Westfalia milking carousel with room for 36 cows, as well as a tank room with a milk silo of 17,000 ltr.

Furthermore, barn / stable building for barren cows for which there are about 40 bed stalls, as well as 50 bed stalls for calves / heifers. In continuation of the aforementioned barn section, there is a front barn with space for straw / loose goods
Along the north side of this building there is cast space with room for about 30 calf huts.

2 slurry containers of resp. 600 and approx. 1,800 m3. and 3 plan silos - of which 2 pcs 6 x 47 mtr and 1 pc. 11 x 47. further space of 16 x 47 mtr along one plan silo.

Jernhytvej 47A which is located by the main property houses a home of 131 m2 from the year 1980 as at present. is not rented out. The home is furnished with entrance hall, back hallway, kitchen, living room, bathroom, toilet, 2 rooms and detached carport.

Vojensvej 2.
The property consists of unleased farmhouse which is heated with heat pump
Furthermore, detached stable building with resp. slits and deep bedding area, as well as detached barn with partially closed sides and with cast bottom.
In addition, slurry tank of 1,000 m3

The property is offered with stocks and machines, but excl. crew is sold for bankruptcy estate with usual disclaimer.

Inspection only by agreement with the real estate agent



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