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Ny Vejgaard is a large milk production company located in Skringstrup at Skals - north of Viborg. Animal production is based on 530 year-old cows and associated breeding. The production is divided into two sites with respectively. milk production at Ny Vejgård in Skringstrup and farmed on ...

Type Veehouderij
Price 39.500.000
Price in Euros's  € 5.304.434
Address Herredsvejen 50A
Address2 8832
zip code
Residence Herredsvejen
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 207,63 ha

Ny Vejgaard is a large milk production company located in Skringstrup near Skals - north of Viborg.

The animal production is based on 530 yearling cows with associated breeding. The production is distributed on two sites with resp. milk production at Ny Vejgård in Skringstrup and reared at Langmosegård in Bjerregrav.

The company includes a total of 5 properties, of which 3 are building-free. The total cadastral area is approx. 207.7 ha - of which 181.5 ha are eligible and of which the turnover area is approx. 153 ha.

A delivery agreement has been entered into for biogas as well as a roughage agreement regarding. corn. This thus creates an opportunity to focus on milk production. Ask the broker for more information about the agreements.

Herredsvejen 50:
Ny Vejgaard is the main property with the primary milk production - the property was built as a bare field project in 2003.

The farmhouse is built in red stone and laid with red brick, with a total living area of 158 sqm. The house appears in good condition and is heated via heat recovery.

The barn was built in 2003 and expanded in 2013. The facility is designed as an 8-row bed barn with mattresses and slatted floors - with a total of 570 beds - and with the possibility of division into 4 teams. In addition, 10 boxes for calving and relief as well as one large box for preparation box - all in deep bedding. West of the stable, a round arch hall with deep bedding has been built - used for new calves.
The milking center is located centrally in the facility - and consists of an internal 24er SAC milking carousel. Outdoor milk tank of 25,000 l. And indoor buffer tank of 10,000 l. Cooling via ice bank. Adjacent to the milking center are a technical room, office, toilet, etc.

South of the barn is a combined feed barn for raw material storage and straw as well as a workshop. Between the barn and the feed barn there is a fixed area - where the calves are housed in single huts (igloos). In addition, a half-roof furnished with 7 common boxes and in extension a section with single calf boxes. The calves are moved to the heifer estate at 6 months. The bull calves are sold after 2-3 weeks.

North of the stable system is a plan silo system with 4 driving silos with a solid bottom and two slurry containers of resp. 4,100 and 5,000 m3 with canopy. The right to use a 998 m3 slurry tank on Herredsvejen 62 for 10 years is included.

Employee complex in connection with the property built in 2009 after a fire with a total living area of 309 sqm. furnished with 4 apartments. Heating via heat recovery.

Gl. Aalborgvej 1:
Langmosegård is located on the outskirts of Bjerregrav - approx. 4 km. from Ny Vejgaard.

The property houses the company's young animals - with a permit for a total of 400 animals.

The farmhouse was built in 1880 and has a total living area of 175 sqm. The house is yellowwashed, laid with a tiled roof and appears in an older condition. The home is inhabited by an employee.

The property is heated via stoker and with wood stove.

The farm buildings are furnished with 310 beds with mattresses and slatted floors and a barn with deep bedding with room for approx. 50-60 calves.
Behind the plant is a plan silo system.

There are good roadways around the facility. Detached slurry tank of 1,270 m3. There is a permit for the construction of a new tank in connection with the existing one of 5,000 m3.

The earth:
The areas are primarily located by and around the buildings at resp. Skringstrup and Bjerregrav. The quality varies from JB. 1-4.
There is good hunting in the areas with a good population of raw and fallow deer.

The company is sold for bankruptcy estate in full operation.

Contact LandboGruppen SYD for further information and demonstration.



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