Grejsdalsvej | pig farming | 108,83 hectare


On the property there have been piglets and finishers with an annual production of approx. 6,500 pcs. slaughter pigs and 12,200 piglets from 25 - 32 kg. At the entrance to the property, a flat storage with drying room is directly connected to a former farrowing stall that is unused. Then a ...

Type Zeugenhouderij
Price 13.100.000
Price in Euros's  € 1.760.587
Address Grejsdalsvej 7, 7173 Vonge
Address2 7173
zip code
Residence Grejsdalsvej
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 108,83 ha

On the property there have been piglets and slaughter pigs with an annual production of approx. 6,500 pcs. Slaughter pigs and 12,200 piglets from 25 - 32 kg .. At the entrance to the property, a dry storage plan is directly combined with a former farrow house which is unused. Then a butcher's barn with 6 paths and concrete furniture. The last part of the complex is used for storing straw.

Parallel to this is a stable with 7 sections where the pigs come in from approx. 25 kilos. It is a traditional barn with a through aisle and end delivery. The first section is established with underfloor heating.

From here, there is a passage to a smaller climate shed with 600 pitches spread over 6 sections. At the end there is a garage and front room. Perpendicular to the climate barn, there are feed barns with grinding systems, slag mills and capacity for feed storage and raw materials in silos. Outdoors is a straw fireplace used for heating the property.

The stables are in poor condition and renovation costs are expected if production is to be possible going forward.

There are 3 slurry tanks on the property respectively. 420, 1,950 and 3,000 kbm.

On the property there is a good farmhouse with good decor and living space in 1.5 level. The home has plenty of room for the large family and is in good working order. The ground floor is furnished with entrance, kitchen / family room with entrance to the room and a large living room facing the garden. There is also a bathroom and access to the first floor. The upper floor contains several rooms and here is really good space for the family of children.

Most of the land is arranged directly at the property and consists of 97.18 ha. arable land and 1.13 ha meadow, just over 2.5 ha. Forest. The rest area is buildings, road, nature

The property is sold by DLR with full disclaimer.



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