Randers NV | pig | 17,5438 hectare


Pig production north of Hammel

The properties currently run with a production of around 930 annual lakes with sales of approx. 25,000 pigs at 30 kg, the rest as 7 kg pigs

Sharply optimized production, where the land is sold from. Therefore, a total of 17.5 ha have been added to the properties.

Randersvej 245:
The main property with good housing and the lakes.

Generally built in red brick with plasterboard roof.
930 yearling sows with a large running / control department and with transponders in the gestation barn.

Contains 8 sections with farrowing paths with a total of 247 farrowing paths. The equipment is Jyden and Skiold dry feed systems. Running / control department is divided into 2 houses, which are adjacent to each other. Here are 324 boxes and 10 pole / boar paths. Equipment is Jyden and Egebjerg, respectively. Pregnancy barn with 6 Bopil transponders that are 3 years old, in addition section for piglets with 2 transponder stations for training.
3 sections for piglets and residual pigs.

Good staff facilities with 2 bath / toilet and lunch room with office space.

Presentable home built in red brick with plasterboard roof.
Contains back hallway with access to room and to kitchen. The kitchen is of more recent date, and is furnished with open connection to 1 floor and with stairs. Here are also 2 large living rooms, hallway, room and bathroom. The 1st floor contains a distribution corridor / living room, 2 bedrooms, a bedroom and a large bathroom.
The home is continuously renovated and maintained and appears ready for occupancy.
Large garden laid out with grass with robotic mowers.

Around the courtyard there are some older farm buildings that are today used for machines and warehouses. Here are good gates and most are with steel rafters. Some are well furnished for office / banquet hall.

Nice and manageable property with full focus on a good home for the family and a very streamlined pig production.

Haxholmvej 50:

Smaller housing used by employees.

2 halls that are rented out.

Climate barn with 8 sections with space for approx. 500 pigs in each section. The stable was built in 2006 in elements and steel plate roofs. 3-phase feeding with dry feed. 3 outdoor silos for finished feed.

Total company:

Very simple farm, with full focus on piglet production.

The sow team runs in 14 teams operation with weaning on Monday / Thursday. The team size is optimal for washing farrowing stables and for driving with stable flocks in the gestation stable. According to the seller, the stables are not under pressure at all, and there have previously been around 1100 sows in the same facility.

All feed is purchased dry feed.

There are slurry agreements on all slurry that are valid for another 17 years. Most of the manure is around Frijsenborg Biogas.

The land is leased to a neighbor.

Type Vleesvarkensbedrijf
Price 19750000
Price in Euros's  € 2.653.322
Address Randersvej 245
zip code 8450
Residence Favrskov
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 17,5438



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