Varde | veehouderij | 96,9057 hectare


Cattle farm approved for 238.50 DE

"Borgely" is a well-run milk production property located a few kilometers from Tjæreborg.

The property has a plot of approx. 96.90 ha, of which approx. 77.90 ha is eligible land and approx. 11.02 ha of permanent grass.
For the most part, the land is within 1 km of the building parcel.

The operation of "Borgely" consists of a milk production from approx. 140 annual cows with associated breeding and field operation with plant breeding from approx. 155.43 ha incl. leased land.

Milk production takes place in a large detached barn where milk is milked with 2 pieces. DeLaval milking robots. Combined with this are the older stables and the feed barn, where there are calf, calving and welfare boxes. In addition, there is a large juvenile barn with deep litter for young and calf heifers.
There are good storage facilities for roughage in solid silos so that they are included in good logistics in relation to the feed barn.

The farmhouse is furnished in 2 levels with a total living space of 114 sqm and has been partially renovated. There are engraved tile roofs from 2000 and plastic thermo windows. A part has been utilized in the middle building next to the stable, which is not included in the living space.

The crew is well-suited and has an efficiency with an average performance of approx. 11,918 kg. EKM pr. year shoes and a cell number average of approx. 301,000.

The field work is carried out with its own well-adapted machinery and machine station for the heavy tasks.

The property has an approval for 150 dairy cows, 112 heifers / cattle (6-28 months), 37 small calves (0-6 months), 34 bulls (0-6 months) and 34 young bulls (6 months for slaughter).

Type Veehouderij
Price 17450000
Price in Euros's  € 2.340.899
Address Tradsborgvej 56
zip code 6731
Residence Esbjerg
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 96,9057



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