Varde | veehouderij | 222,719 hectare


Extremely well-run milk production property approved for 572.20 D

Højlund Agro is an extremely well-run milk production property located approx. 500 m from Bryndum and a short distance to Esbjerg.

The operation consists of 3 properties with buildings as well as a homeless agricultural property.

The operation is concentrated on Kibsgårdsvej 11, which with its new construction and ongoing redevelopment, appears as a clear lighthouse in the field of milk production properties.

The properties have a total area of approx. 222.71 ha located in a relatively total area. There is a single property with a large field of approx. 20 ha, located approx. 9 km from the main property.
Of the total area, approx. 201.92 ha of eligible arable land and approx. 7.63 ha of permanent grass. The soil consists mainly of clay-mixed sandy soil and permits for irrigation to part of the soil.

At Kibsgårdsvej 11 the focal point is the large detached barn from 2012 with approx. 420 beds. Jersey cows are milked with 6 pcs. Lely A4 milking robots. The stable is extremely rational with centered calving and relief paths as well as a start-up team ward, where 2 of the milking robots are located.

Feed is mixed in 2 stationary full feed mixers and fed with Mullerup suspension track in the new detached barn. This solution accommodates several daily feedings and with Lely feed pushers there are the optimal conditions for eating motivation and feed utilization in a calm and stress-free environment.

Isolated calf stables have been arranged for the small calves, which cater to the more delicate creature that the Jersey calves have. The old stables have been rebuilt and adapted to heifers and calves.

There are good crew facilities in both stable and service buildings, where there is a separate bathroom, office, lunch room, etc. In addition, there are 2 staff rooms with shared kitchen and bath.

Fixed driving silos have been established for storing roughage and fixed driving areas around the entire property.

The property is registered with biogas plants fsv concerning deep bedding and the slurry is treated in NH3 plants.

The property has visitor farm status and, with the many visitors, has established a unique department with showroom and facilities that can accommodate large groups of visitors for guided tours and lectures.

The farmhouse has been continuously modernized and the latest with new kitchen in 2017 and, like everywhere else on the property, is also required here for the detail of the total 312 sqm. The house is surrounded by a beautiful ornamental garden and a beautiful cobbled courtyard.

The other properties consist of:
Bryndumdamvej 37 - building without property, where the building parcel is under construction. The property is located approx. 1.5 km from the main property. There is a slurry tank on the ground.
Bryndumvej 201 "Balle Møllegaard" is located approx. 3 km from the main property and consists of a residence of 169 sqm. which is rented out on regular lease. The extensions have been renovated with internal steel barrier construction so that there is a ceiling to tilt. The property is used for storing straw. The property also has 2 units. slurry tanks.
Lifstrup Hovedvej 40 is a non-residential property and contains, besides the ground, a machine house, manure tank and driving silo.

Jersey crew - approx. 380 dairy cows with breeding - are well-suited and have a high efficiency with an average yield of 11,006 kg. EKM pr. year shoes and a cell number 3 months average of 167,000.

The field work is carried out with its own well-equipped and well-adapted machinery and with some purchased services from the machine station.

Type Veehouderij
Price 61500000
Price in Euros's  € 8.250.161
Address Kibsgårdsvej 11, Bryndum
zip code 6715
Residence Esbjerg
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 222,719



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