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Organic milk production company with 141 ha. Located approx. 23 km northwest of Vejle between Givskud and Give. In Givskud, to which there are approx. 3.5 km, there is school, daycare, good leisure activities and grocery shopping. The area is well-groomed and can be watered. The area is divided into ...

Type Veehouderij
Price 20.000.000
Price in Euros's  € 2.682.547
Address Engmarksvej 7
Address2 7323
zip code
Residence Engmarksvej
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 141,22 ha

Organic milk production farm with 141 ha. Located approx. 23 km northwest of Vejle between Givskud and Give. In Givskud, for which there are approx. 3.5 km, there is a school, day care center, good leisure activities and grocery shopping. The area is well-rounded and waterable. The area is distributed by approx. 95 ha of coarse sanded acre, approx. 25 coarse sandy clay agar and approx. 10 ha of forest. The rest area is field skies, shelters, roads, courtyards etc.

FGF (Far Rough Feed Supply AMBA)
The company is part of the FGF, which is an ecologically driven feed supply company. Members lease their land and storage capacity to the FGF. Forage and sales crops of approx. 1,250 hectares of land, which is primarily sold to members approx. 750 cows plus breeding. It is FGF's most important task to optimize the field operation so that quality, quantity and price benefit the members.

Cooperation is the most important part of the FGF. FGF owns a complete feed mixer, other machines are owned by the members. All members are invited to perform tasks in the field. There is a day-to-day operations manager who, in consultation with the members, organizes the tasks. There is a monthly meeting on tasks and sparring.

The FGF has many advantages including with many years of experience in producing organic feed. The owner can concentrate on looking after the cows, the feed is delivered daily of good quality, good sparring opportunities with the members of the FGF on all relevant issues, as well as the possibility of purchasing and agreements at a discount.

The farm will be dedicated to a newly established dairy farmer who can benefit from being part of an established community. Alternatively, the farm could be used for heifers for an established dairy farmer or possibly. suckler cattle with sale of organic meat of own breeding.

The farm consists of 3 properties.

Engmarksvej 7, 7323 Give
The property is 119 ha divided by approx. 100 ha of coarse sanded acre, approx. 10 ha of forest. The rest area is road, field skirt etc.

The property is the setting for organic milk production with 153 Holstein cows plus breeding. There is an environmental permit with permission for 163 cows plus breeding.

The home and integrated garage was built in 1910 and today stands with a plastered facade and newer roof. The house has been continuously renovated and modernized i.a. with a ceiling in 1990. The residence is among others. furnished with a backyard, utility room, 2 rooms, bathroom, kitchen-dining room, 2 living rooms and entrance. The attic is utilized with 3 rooms, bathroom and living room.

The stables have been continuously changed over the years from deep litter to bed stalls and adapted to the ecological regulations. The stables include of:
- Kostald with 134 beds, solid floor with scraper system.
- Stables furnished with good milking parlor, chain feeding table for the dairy cows, youngsters on slots with access to approx. 155 beds.
- Calf barn with approx. 35 small calves in boxes, plus common box.
- Other operating buildings are a welfare department, a machine house / feed barn and a good roughage storage facility with plan silos.

Pottervej 2, 7323 Give
Building land of 22 ha. The area is divided by approx. 20 ha of coarse sandy acreage, the residual area is cropland, road, etc.

Canadavej 15, 7323 Give
0.1253 ha plantation.



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