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Farmhouse - Ulkærvej 11, 7100 VejleWell situated in a very scenic area near Vejle lies the main property Farm. The property includes the pig production property Horsholm with Stensgård as well as a building without property on Viborg Hovedvej 19, 7100 Vejle. The ...

Type landbrugsejendomsvinebrug
Price 47.800.000
Price in Euros's  € 6.411.288
Address Ulkærvej 11, m.fl.
Address2 7100
zip code
Residence Engelgårdsvej
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 207,31 ha

Farmhouse - Ulkærvej 11, 7100 Vejle

Well located in a very scenic area near Vejle lies the main farmhouse. The property includes the pig production property Horsholm with Stensgård as well as a building without property on Viborg Hovedvej 19, 7100 Vejle.

The magnificent estate, Farmhouse, is well located only approx. 15 minutes from Vejle C, a short distance to E45, and a short distance to Lindved. shopping opportunities and primary school with 0.-9. grade. The properties have a total land area of 207.3 ha.
The location of the farm in relation to the E45 is very good, as the motorway is located under terrain in relation to the property, so the noise nuisance from it is extremely minimal.

The farmhouse, originally built in 1870, was completely renovated in 2007, with great respect for the original country, country and grand style, windows with soundproofing and beautiful black noble engraved glazed tiles. The farmhouse is plastered / painted in Skalcem S2000, which makes maintenance of the facade easy. The home looks very nice with a really good ceiling height on both floors. Everything is made to a very high standard and with good quality materials throughout the house. Underfloor heating is established throughout the house's ground floor, as well as the bathroom on the first floor.

Layout: Lovely large utility room with space for washer and dryer and really good closet space. Office with plenty of space. Large and spacious bathroom in good materials with shower. Lovely large kitchen with Invita furniture open to the dining area and with access to the garden. In addition, a less important room. Living room of very good size with wooden floor, with access to a room. As well as a beautiful, elegant dining room with high panels and a really good light. Impressive beautiful hall with ceiling for kip, visible tapes and stairs to the 1st floor of the house.
1st floor of the house: Large living room / repos with fantastic radiance from the large hall, and with a very good light from both sides of the house. Large bedroom with 2 walk-in closet and private bathroom with bathroom. shower. bathtub, underfloor heating and garden views. Storage room, playroom and good sized room.

The farmhouse, with a total living space of 338 sqm, has the highest degree of format, and bears the absolute impression that it is neat and timeless.

The large south-facing terrace of the residence provides access and views to the property's magnificent well-kept garden with really good nature around, among other things. nice views over the fields and 2.2 ha. forest just east of the small road which gives access to the property and the two neighboring properties.

The property's building set is absolutely well maintained and manageable. The farmhouse and the three lengths provide the setting for a nice quiet courtyard. The three walls of red stone are very well maintained and are perfectly suitable for example. rental, as they all have a really good ceiling height as well as the electric gate in the long north. In the northern long, a plant drying plant with a capacity of 5000 hp has been established. The far east today functions as a garage with space for two cars, and here is also really good storage space. The other extensions of the property consist of a machine house of 327 m2 with steel rafters, which is very suitable for eg. horse boxes, other smaller animal husbandry or rental. In addition, there is a new large machinery house of 1,128 m2 of really good quality with solid bottom and sides of concrete elements, 4.5 m legs, which gives a really good height, nice skylight and 4 m. Nassau electric gate. There is a separate driveway to the two machinery houses, which is why the possibilities for renting, commercial leasing and / or alternative use are absolutely perfect here.

This property has 120 hectares of land.

Fiber networks have been established and today the property is being heated by a newer and fine oil stove established in the west facing long.

Horsholm - Engelgårdsvej 3, 7100 Vejle

The property Horsholm today functions as a pig production property and with associated farmhouse from 1986. The residence is currently. let.

The property has a total land area of approx. 87.3 ha. incl. Viborg Hovedvej 63 and the building without property on Viborg Hovedvej 19. The soil is good grain soil with a very good arrangement and high cultivation security.

The production buildings include of an older barn plant used for piglets / butcher pigs production, Assentoft silo with a capacity of 6,000 hp, own milling, slurry storage, etc. Overall, the production plant is extremely harmoniously designed, with a good location, which offers good expansion opportunities. The production includes a good large and solid machine shop, where the entire property's machinery park is stored. In addition, there is a nice large and easily accessible space in relation to machines etc.

The stable is based on pig production / slaughter pigs. There is an almost new environmental approval, based on 15,000 pigs and 5,000 pigs per year. year. The crew is not included.

The property is located north of Vejle, a short distance from Vejle C, as well as E45, which makes all transport to / from the property relative to business incredibly easy. The farmhouse, which according to BBR has a total living space of 275 sqm, is today rented out, and has a good large garden with many possibilities.

The property has established fiber networks, own bore and heated by a Stoker pellet stove.

This property can be purchased separately to suit the buyer's wishes in terms of number of acres.

Stensgård - Viborg Hovedvej 63, 7100 Vejle

According to BBR, the property's farmhouse which of an older date has a total living space of 137 sqm and is rented out today.

The extensions of the property are manageable and consist of three lengths which together with the farmhouse form a four-length farm. They are used today for garage and rental, and there are many options for alternative use.

The property is heated by an oil burner and has its own bore.

The company is offered for sale as a single unit, but it is possible to purchase the properties individually.



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