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The property of Sneverholt is a very well run seaside property approved for 1050 lakes with 30 kgs of production and own cattle production. The company consists of 5 properties, the 2 with production buildings, 1 with rental housing and 2 buildingless. All are located within short driving distance of the main property. ...

Type Zeugenhouderij
Price 67.000.000
Price in Euros's  € 8.995.824
Address Dybvadvej 81, Hellum
Address2 9740
zip code
Residence Dybvadvej
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 282,03 ha

The property of Sneverholt is a very well run seaside property approved for 1050 lakes with 30 kgs of production and own cattle production. The company consists of 5 properties, the 2 with production buildings, 1 with rental housing and 2 buildingless. All are located within short driving distance of the main property. Everything is well-groomed and well-groomed.

The earth:
The total land area of the farm is 282,0317 ha, divided into 235.41 ha of acreage, 2.99 ha of grass / meadow, 4.63 ha of gravel, 7.60 ha of buildings, 3.9 ha of lush greenery and Christmas trees and 27,5017 ha residual area for forest, belts etc.
The soil moisture varies from sandy soil to light clay soil. All areas are located within short driving distance of the main property. See overview cards in the sales list.

Operating buildings:
For the most part, the main buildings' operational buildings are built in sister elements, older production buildings in whitewashed walls. In addition, there are yellow-painted steel sheets. The roofs are of eternite, steel and pan. There is an underground walk between the stables so that pigs do not need to be delivered.
Property 2 is in plastered whitewashed walls as well as yellow stones. Here you will also find eternity roofs and pan plates.
All ventilation and feed systems are Forest and Skjold respectively.

Main property:
Hazard stables Litra 15 was built in 2003 and added in 2017, total area 2030 m2. At one end there is a storage room, mixing tanks for wet food, technical room with double water treatment system. The first part of the parlor is divided into 7 sections each with 30 fares. The newest section is divided into a section with 28 paths and a double section with 56 paths.
All fixtures and fittings are plastic, triangle grilles, heat in piglets and along walls. In all paths there is body material.
Welfare room Section 14 is divided into the entrance to the stable and staff room on the first floor and is located between the danger shed and the pregnancy shed / running ward. A total of 110 m2 on two floors distributed on the entrance to the men's and women's dressing rooms with baths in both departments. There is an office with PCs and various control tools for production. On the first floor there is a common canteen and meeting room.
Pregnancy / race section Letter 13 was built in 2004, total area 2508 m2. There is wet feeding.
The pregnancy house is arranged with one box per room. sow and with loose operation. There are 12 rows of 38 boxes in each row. At the west end of the barn there are hospital stables and straw warehouses. Here there is deep litter and feeding with feeding bucket. At the east end there is a running section with 224 boxes with ornamental front. In addition, there are 12 cot trails with space for 8-9 cobs in each.
Climate stable Litra 31 was built in 2017 and a total of 990 m2. Divided into 3 sections with 800 piglets in each. 1/3 part grate and 2/3 part solid floor. There is heat in the cave and body material in each path. Phase feeding with 3 strings. At the end of the stable there is an extradition.
Climate stable Litra 7 was built in 1976/04 on 817 m2. It is furnished with 6 sections with 300 pigs in each. There is concrete furniture and space heating, 1/3 part slits and 2/3 solid floor with roofing. 3-stage phase feed plant.
Extra section which serves as buffer house divided into 2 paths with room for 150 pigs in total. At the west end there is a separate room with 3 feeding silos.
Climate stable Litra 6 was built in 1973/04 on 572 m2. Furnished with 2 large sections each with 10 paths with underfloor heating and space heating. A total of 350 pigs in each section. There are plastic fixtures and 1/3 part slots and 2/3 solid floor. In addition, there is a 6-section climate shed with space for 150 pigs in each. There are triangle grilles and radiators on the walls. Both housing sections are with 3-stage phase feeding systems.
Climate stables / stables Litera 5 built in 1910/93 of 748 m2. The stables are equipped with 7 paths with 1/3 part slots and 2/3 solid floor. Covered along wall and fixtures in concrete. In addition, there are 20 paths renovated in 2013 for a total of 800 pigs. There are 2/3 environmental columns and 1/3 triangle grilles. Covered along wall. Floor and room heating. At the end of the barn to the west, there is a feed drawer of 175 m2 with milling, various attachments for large sacks and wet feed mixing tank. Exterior access is via the gable gate. At the opposite end - to the east there is a grain pit for gas-tight silo / American silo as well as a double grain cleaning plant. Here is also the property's main circuit board with 160 Amp.
Poltestald Litra 4 was built in 1912/92 of 288 m2. Designed for 250 gates from 30 kg for running. There are 2/3 part slots and 1/3 solid floor. Floor feeding. The furniture is concrete and there is roofing along the wall.
Gilt Stables Litra 3 was built in 1910/91 of 288 m2. Divided into 3 sections with ½ slit area and ½ solid floor. There is room for 230-240 gilts. Floor feeding.
Halmfyr Litra 19 mrk. Faust 600 kw for 2 big balls. The lighthouse is from 2014 and has 100,000 liters of accumulation tank.
The lighthouse heats homes, all stables and dryers for plan silos and American silos.
Straw house Litra 21 was built in 2007 on 685 m2. Is built with steel arches and sandy bottom.
Storage Litra 20 - older house of 110 m2 for storage of drainage material etc..
Carriage gate Litera 8 built in 1990 on 168 m2. Here there is a laundry room.
Plan warehouse Litra 9 built in 1990 of 439 m2. 1/3 of the house has a gill grate for aerating crops. A large fan is fitted. Used primarily for seed storage.
Workshop Litra 10 built in 1974 on 320 m2. Separate workshop and large warehouse with spare parts for ventilation and fixtures, etc. Large lift door at the end.
Assentoftsilo Litra 11 from 1980 with capacity for 4500 tdr.
American Silo Litra 12 from 2007 with capacity for 9000 tdr.
Slurry tanks Litera 16, 17 and 18. 2 x 1000 m3 and 1 x 2000 m3.
Slurry tank - located on a landless property west of Hellum - of 3000 m3 with roofing.
Bridge weight Litera 32 newly constructed and state-certified to 60 tons, located along the driveway.

Machines: Large, nice, newer and well maintained machinery.

Crew: 1025 sows and full production of 30 kg pigs and own poultry production.
Great crew that ranks No. 9 out of 209 at DanBred per year. 09.19.19.
An average of 37 pigs per day. year so last 12 months
Status: Blue SPF + Myc. Salmonella Level 1.

The house was built in 2011 in 1½ level, the foundation wall in red stones and with black bricks. Molded floor separation and with genvex. Listed in quality materials and furnished with the following: Entrance with access to large kitchen / family room in the heart of the house. Here there is a dining area, kitchen area and stairs to the first floor. Living room and dining room. Large office overlooking Pajhede Forest, large utility room / backyard with cupboard walls, utility kitchen and laundry column. In addition, a large vanity room and bathroom with shower. On the first floor is the bedroom with walk-in wardrobe and exit to the balcony. 3 large rooms and 1 smaller room as well as a large bathroom with whirlpool and shower. Underfloor heating throughout the ground floor.

Garage with 3 gates, insulation in wall and ceiling. Utility room and toilet with the possibility of establishing a shower. On the first floor there is a large insulated ceiling with many possibilities. The garage is heated.

Handbækvej 80:
Slaughterhouse barn Litra 3 of 415 m2. Divided into 3 sections with room for 390 pigs in total. The stable is one
slatted shed. To the west there is a barn and entrance. 2 feed silos in the barn and 1 outdoor silo for a total of 36 tons
finished feed.
Slaughterhouse barn Litera 4 is 461 m2. Divided into 3 sections, 2 for pigs and 1 for delivery. There are 280 slots in each of the 2 sections as well as room for 180 pigs in the delivery. Is a full split barn with concrete fixtures.
Machine house Litra 5 is 131 m2 and is used for smaller machines / tools.
Slurry tank Litera 6 at 800 m3.
Other buildings incl. the farmhouse is not usable and is for demolition.

Each year, approx. 4000 offal pigs and the stables will be able to be used for some years in general maintenance.

Final conclusion:
An exciting full-fledged sow estate with a good total land + leasehold. Is extremely well maintained and presentable. Good crew and machinery. Super nice new home and garage.
Great return from day one.

All requests for presentation, additional material etc. must be made to LandboGruppen Nord.



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