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The property "Bjørnstrup" is a well-located cattle property near the city boundary of Tårs. Very good RDM crew that is well known in the country. Is located in scenic area. Farm buildings: The property's farm buildings are for the older part erected in plastered whitewashed walls with roofs ...

Type Veehouderij
Price 24.250.000
Price in Euros's  € 3.259.102
Address Bjørnstrupvej 49
Address2 9830
zip code
Residence Bjørnstrupvej
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 112,48 ha

The property "Bjørnstrup" is a well-located cattle property near the city boundary of Tårs. Very good RDM crew that is well known in the country. Is located in scenic area.

Operating Buildings:
The property's operational buildings are, for the older part, erected in polished whitewashed walls with roofs of cement tiles and steel sheets. Machine house / barn with steel plate sides and the newer barn with sister elements. On these buildings are the roofs of eternite. They consist of the following:

Detached stables: The stables were built / rebuilt in 2000 and with a registered area of 3510 m2, of which 2,289 m2 were built in 2011. It is furnished with 250 beds and at the end there are barn which in the long term is intended for cattle. There are mattresses in the beds and columns / environmental columns. There are 2 robotic scrapers for slots. Wide feed. The stable is open at the top and sides. There are 2 x 11 De Laval milking parlors with raising / lowering floors. In addition, there is an office, room with ice bank, cloth washer, tank room with 8000 l buffer tank etc. Outside there is 24,000 l silo milk tank. There are JL sprinklers for cut straws for beds.

Gl. cost stable: The stable was built in 1931/88 and is 353 m2. It is with vaults and is fitted with single boxes for 28 small calves. Department with 14 beds for heifers / cows with traps.

Gl. barn: Barn with wooden ceiling furnished with deep bedding and with space for 25 calves.

Former silage silo: This one was built in 1980 and is 315 m2. Here there are 3 silo sections, of which the 2 are used for deep bedding for a total of approx. 35 calves and last silo for machines.

Gl. barn: This one was built in 1931 and on 809 m2 and is partly with steel rafters and old wood construction. Used for warehousing and machines used in daily operations.

Column stable: The barn was built in 1975 and 320 m2. The barn is a fully split barn with space for approx. 80 young animals and room for 20 tied animals. The section with tied cattle is wanted to be changed.

Feeding drawer / machine house: The drawer was built in 1986 and on 500 m2. In the corner of this are 2 large deep litter boxes for calves, mixers for electric machine, feed laying and space for machines for daily operation.

Outbuildings: 2 old outbuildings. One is hen house and gl. osterhus which is warehouse, 2 old rooms, boiler room and car garage.

Driving silos: 4 driving silos, 2 pcs 9 m wide, 1 pcs 12 m wide and 1 pcs 15.5 m wide. All are 39 m long. There is asphalt and concrete in these as well as outside and for feed barns.

Housing: Farmhouse built in 1914 and rebuilt later. Is with a registered living space of 226 m2. Traditionally furnished accommodation for the family and which over time has been continuously restored.



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