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Now part of Åbenråvej 145 incl. slaughterhouse for sale. Ps. The pig farm was erected in 2001/2002 in yellow sister elements imposed on an eagle roof. The stable contains 5 sections with 240 dotted lines and 2 sections with 132 dotted lines (possibility for 7-30 kgs) totaling 1,464 dots. There is ...

Type Zeugenhouderij
Price 7.700.000
Price in Euros's  € 1.034.807
Address Åbenråvej 145
Address2 6360
zip code
Residence Åbenråvej
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? ha

Now part of Åbenråvej 145 incl. finisher barn for sale.

Sl. the pigsty was built in 2001/2002 in yellow sibling elements with a tiled roof.
The stable contains 5 sections with 240 pitches and 2 sections with 132 pitches (possibility for 7-30 kgs) a total of 1,464 pitches.
Each section is accessible via an open hallway.
Everywhere is fed with ready-mixed dry feed (from 3 fiberglass silos each of 13 tons), via Funkimat feed boxes and Funki feed systems. Panel plastic furniture as well as stainless and galvanized furniture, Skov multistep fans, as well as diffuse ventilation everywhere.
A solid construction that is doing well.

The ground is close to the building set, approx. 36.87 ha. where everything is crop area. The quality is clay soil to heavy clay soil, with access via paved road. Payment rights with a high face value are included.
Part of the land has been leased out in the cultivation year 2020/2021.



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