Planteavlsgård | 64,2 hectare


pigs Property

The property:
The property is located Langmosevej 4, 9750 Østervrå.
The earth:
The total area of the property is 64.2 ha, of which 53.76 ha are arable land, the majority of which is with JB 2-4. About 1.1 ha are with forest of peace, 6.4 ha is a courtyard, wild tremises, fences etc. On the areas there is a very versatile game stock. For area surveying see the enclosed area map.
Operating Buildings:
The property's original buildings are with plastered, white painted walls. The machine house is with steel plates on the sides, all buildings are with an eternite roof.

The buildings consist of the following:
Slaughterhouse stall, L:
The slaughterhouse stall has a long driveway to the west, from here 4 stables on 8 paths with 1/3 gap area. 1 barn with 6 paths, also with 1/3 gap area. Capacity in the stables: 4 stables of 160 pigs + 1 barn of 220 pigs, a total of 860 dots.
Acc. BBR built in 2000, built area 853 m²
Pigstead, point I:
Some of the barn has previously been used for pregnant sows. Here the furniture has been removed, and a large path has been made for approx. 100 finishers. The rest of the barn has 9 finishers of approx. 20 pigs. Heer are the paths with 1/3 gap area. Total capacity in the barn approx. 280 dots.
Acc. BBR built in 1979, built-up area 279 m²
Passport color H:
The stable has not been used for production in recent years and is of no value.
Acc. BBR built in 1965, built area 200 m²
Gl. pig holding, letter G:
The stable has not been used for production in recent years and is of no value.
Acc. BBR built in 1927, built area 117 m²
Drawer / barn, letter D:
The building has been rebuilt several times. Has not been used for production in recent years. Used for small bales for straw boilers.
Acc. BBR built in 1927, built area 228 m²
Garage liters B:
The building has previously been used for horse stable and car garage.
Acc. BBR built in 1927, built area 106 m².
Quadruple / Frontroom, etc. F:
The building is equipped with anteroom for pig housing and a boiler room for smaller straw boilers.
Acc. BBR built in 1971, built area 35 m²
Machine housing / liner, etc., J:
The building is constructed as a machine house, granular with capacity for 1500 dr. Grain, feed center with various silos, slag mill etc., good space for machines and straw etc.
Acc. BBR listed 1979/1985, built area 527 m²
Plastered, white-painted farmhouse with eternity roof. Well laid out garden.

The living room is furnished as follows:
Front and back entrance, kitchen-dining room, bedroom, bathroom and large corner room.
The first floor has a living room and 2 rooms.
Acc. BBR listed 1927/1973. Built area 146 m², 1st floor 70 m², total living area 216 m²
No crew included.
Slaughter pigs approx. 1140 dots (from 7-100 kg.)
Kornkap. ca. 1500 tdr.
A scenic property that is well-located at a larger forest area. Buildings designed for an annual production of approx. 3100 finishers. Good grounding of the soil.

Type Akkerbouwbedrijf
Price 8666200
Price in Euros's  € 1.164.765
Address Langemosevej 4
zip code 9750
Residence 9750 Østervrå
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 64.2



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