pig Farm | 265,3 hectare


Potato pig property

Sold with 265 hectares of land, of which 256 hectares in turn. JB 2-4. The areas are drained to the extent necessary. The areas are well-rounded. Is leased for the year 2020 and thus free after autumn 2020. The farm buildings are on property no. 1, with a production license for 5400 slaughter pigs 7.3-107 kg. + 9700 piglets 7.3-32 kg. The farm buildings are rent-free. Property # 2: 4400 pigs / year + large forage. The stables are currently rented, but can be canceled with notice. Total built housing facility approx. 3400 m³. Grain in gas-tight silos 2x3000 tdr. In addition, large garage and workshop, machine shop, barn, straw drawers etc. approx. 2800 m². 2 salaried residences and beautiful main building of 285 m². The property is sold with everything in engineering and the environment, without machines.

Type Veehouderij
Price 50780000
Price in Euros's  € 6.822.976
Address Sdr Omfartsvej 314
zip code 9700
Residence 9700 Brønderslev
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 265.3



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