Chicken Farm / chicken farm | 92,2 hectare


poultry production

The property "Vanstedgaard" is centrally located to the asphalt road, and the property appears presentable and well maintained throughout.

The earth
The total area is 92 ha, of which 88.61 ha are eligible area, approx. 3.6 ha are wild tremises, forest, courtyard etc. The majority of the land is with JB 4. Area survey see enclosed area map.

operating Buildings
All farm buildings are constructed with plastered, white painted walls. The chicken houses are partly built in red stones. All buildings are with eternittage.
The buildings are furnished as follows.

Farm shop / apartment etc.
The building has been completely renovated and has been renovated / converted into a farm shop.
From the enclosed entrance, you continue into a large exhibition room with access to a large and enclosed courtyard with covered terraces. Furthermore, two separate departments, one of which is with kitchen, bathroom and office space.
Acc. BBR was built in 1850, completely restored in 2007 and later modernized. Heated from straw boiler. Built area 376 m².

Workshop, machinery etc.
The building is with a large workshop and isolated storage space, etc. Has ample space for the property's machines, etc.
Acc. BBR built in 1988, built area 507 m².

Former mm
The building is with a large straw room and with plenty of room for the property's heat supply - LIN-KA Danstoker with driver, which is located in the straw bath. Furthermore, there is a large oil furnace which, in emergency situations, can heat all buildings, including the chicken houses.
Acc. BBR built in 1963, built area 240 m².

Straw Charging
Detached straw food where the recorder for the straw boiler is located. Capacity on the belt 4 big balls, the cut straw sucked to the stoker furnace. The seller states that over time, a number of roof sheets have changed.
Acc. BBR listed 1983/1985. Built area 540 m²

Kyllingehuset was renovated in 1999 and later maintained regularly. Decorated with anteroom and technical room and with 4 feed strings with bowls feeding and 5 strands with water nipples, 2 calories, ch. 2x80 kcal.
In the middle of the barn there is a new heat exchanger placed outside, Vencomatic -Clima Unit 200, chap. 22,300 KBM / hour
At the outside there is room heating, 2-string plant.
Acc. BBR constructed 1973/1985 and most recently in 1999. Built area 1400 m².

Chicken house to the west
Kyllingehuset is equipped with anteroom, technical room etc. Has been arranged with 4 feed strings with bowls feeding and 5 strands with water nipples. 2 calorific caps 2x80 kcal. At the outside there is room heat and in the middle, outside of the stable, there is new heat exchanger, Vencomatic -Clima Unit 200, chap. 22,300 KBM / hour. The seller states that roofing sheets on the house can be with crumbles, and therefore the buyer must expect that the roof must be replaced within a shorter number of years.
Acc. BBR built in 1997 and later renovated. Built area 1900 m².

Pre-place at the chicken houses
The apron is approx. 900 m² and is with washing area and good access and exit possibilities for 5 feed silos (3x20 tons and 2x18 tons - and 1x5000 times grain).

Salaried Buildings
Vanstedvej 22:
The home is rented out and stands with elm. maintenance. Acc. BBR built in 1960 / rebuilt 1987. Built area 122 m². For the home there are smaller garages, etc. of 30 + 24 m².
Vanstedvej 19:
The home is rented out and stands with elm. maintenance. Acc. BBR listed in 1850 / rebuilt 2007. Incl. garage mm 376 m².

Hunting cabins
2 pcs. hunting cabins want the seller to keep in such a way that in case of change of ownership, the tenant is registered for 30 years and with the right to extension. The court must be transferable to a third party. There is no need to pay for renting the grounds.

Extremely presentable farmhouse, built with plastered, white painted walls with red brick roof. Has been continuously renovated and is designed as follows:
Hallway with stairs to basement. Back porch / coarse kitchen, toilet with washbasin, office, large kitchen / dining area with Invita kitchen and all in white goods and wood burning stove. The room was renovated in 2018. From the family room there is access to the terrace. Large corner room with wooden staircase to the first floor and patio door to the courtyard. 2 rooms and bathroom with shower and tub.
On the 1st floor there is a transverse living room with exposed ceiling beams, large bedroom with new bathroom - renovated in 2019, wardrobe, 2 large rooms facing east.
Basement: former coarse kitchen, wine room and hunting / guild room. The basement is with entrance from the garden side and the basement is renovated / rebuilt 2005/2006.
Basement and kitchen areas are with beautiful tiled floors. The living room and rooms etc. are with beautiful, wood-like floors.
Acc. BBR built in 1935, rebuilt in 1985 and later continuously renovated - no later than 2018/2019. Built area 200 m² + 1st floor = 350 m² living space + 100 m² basement.

Outdoor areas
The living room is with beautiful courtyard environment, recessed terrace area, surrounded by beech hedges etc. The garden to the east and north is established with beautiful lawns, greenery and furthest to the north there is smaller area with lake and playing field or horse fence etc.
A home with beautiful surroundings to be experienced.

Property of the property
The soil is ecologically driven.
The chicken production is with free-range chickens with sectioned teams.

Type Overig
Price 23500000
Price in Euros's  € 3.158.093
Address Vanstedvej 20
zip code 9670
Residence 9670 Løgstør
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 92.2



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