Cattle Farm | 100,5 hectare


Cattle Property

The property:
Quarry property located approx. 10 km NE of Hadsund in the municipality of Mariagerfjord.

The earth:
Matricular area of 100.53 ha, consisting of approx. 93 hectares of arable land. The remaining area is building parcel, shell etc.. Ca. 38 hectares of arable land are situated with good arrest around the buildings. The other fields are located within a short distance. The fields are flat and with drainage ditches. The bonus is primarily clay soil sandy soil, a smaller part is finely ground.

Operating buildings:
Formerly designed for milk production, later changed use to juveniles and heifers. Well and efficiently decorated in solid buildings.
Total capacity with 269 cubicles, all with rubber mats. 153 dining places with lattice and 32m with neck bars. Decorated in 3 buildings that are built together with a common feeding table.

464 sqm built in 1977 with steel rafters, aluminum sides and eternite roof. Decorated in 2 sections with 38 cubicles for youngsters and 48 cubicles for larger youngsters, respectively. Solid floor with line arrow. Here are 36 eating places in each section.

874 sqm built in 2004 with steel rafters, sister elements and eternite roof with clearing in chicken. Curtains on the sides. The northern side is divided into two sections for heifers with 27 and 32 cubicles respectively with rubber mats. Solid floor with line arrow. 20 eating places with catch grids in each section. The south side is fitted with grooved grooves. 41 dining places in lattice. In continuation of this, outside approx. 32 m eating places with neck tubes. Solid bottom with line arrow.

535 sqm built in 1975 is built together with the above. A total of 128 cubicles with rubber mats.
At the southern end is the bottom of former parlor and milking parlor. In the extension 2 rooms, one furnished with stokfyr and the other as available room.

Slurry tanks:
Slurry tank built in 1988 at 730 kbm and slurry tank constructed in 2006 at 4020 kbm.

Silage Space:
Silage site measured to approx. 3.300 sqm incl. fixed space at both ends and with drains. Total area according to. BBR is 1,379 sqm. Consists of 3 driving silos. 1 running silo of approx. 12 * 60m with silo wall of 1.2 m to one side and approx. 2.6 m to the other side. 1 running silo of approx. 12 * 60m with silo wall for both sides of approx. 2,6m. 1 running silo of approx. 10 * 60m with silo wall to one side of 2.6m. The municipality of Mariagerfjord has made demands on physical adaptations of the space for it to be legal.

Older garage located by farmhouse.

The farmhouse:
Built in 1950 with a total living area of 187 sqm. Built in red bricks and with easter roof. Nice and well maintained. Furnished with entrance, bathroom, kitchen-living room and living room. The first floor is furnished with a distribution hall, 3 rooms and a toilet.

Type Overig
Price 12900000
Price in Euros's  € 1.730.522
Address Møgelholtvej 39
zip code 9560
Residence 9560 Hadsund
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 100.5



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