Cattle Farm | 177,3 hectare


Quarry property with 177 ha

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The property consists of Nesgårdsvej 39, 9460 Brovst with buildings on it and a land of 119,8076 ha,
In addition, there are 3 buildings without buildings, namely:

Blush high with a grounding of 17.4443 ha
Torslev Kær with a landing of 13,1744 ha
Ø Svenstrup Byvej with a grounding of 26.8292 ha
The property:
The property is described together. The farm buildings are built with sister elements with natural ventilation with wind-guided curtains in the upper part of the masonry. All buildings are with an eternal roof. The buildings consist of the following:
The stable is built over several times, is rationally arranged in relation to milking center etc.
Large free area for bags etc.

3 deep litter boxes for approx. 25 cows to be calf. The boxes are located at the milking center.
The rest of the stall is with wide lining. The pre-works are with lattices. All slit areas have slotted slats with partial scraper. The stables are with 2x3 rows of cubicles. A total of 425 bed boxes in the barn, of which 200 bed boxes with mats and 225 bed boxes with sand - total cabinet in the barn 450 cows. The stable complies with current animal husbandry requirements.
Acc. BBR built in 2000, renovated and extended in 2015. Built area 4068 m²
Milking center, office, etc.:
The Malke Center is with a large office and tank room. The technical room is under the milking parlor with milking parlor, side-by-side to 2x24 cows. Plant SAC. Flat bottom. The collection point is with a 7% increase, chapter 400 cows.
An incredible work-friendly milking center.
Acc. BBR built in 2015, built area 1213 m².
The young animal house is group-divided and corresponds to the property's current production. All bed boxes are with mats. Walking areas are with rigid, firm bottom with delta scraper. Chap. in the stable 400 beds. At the feed passage, there are everywhere mounted catch grilles. Furthermore, deep litter boxes for calves.
3 boxes of 12 calves, 2x4 boxes of 6 calves, a total of 84 calves.
Total chapter in the stable 400 + 84, a total of 485 cattle.
Furthermore, the calf kitchen etc
The stable complies with current animal husbandry requirements.
Acc. BBR built in 2008, built area 2336 m.
Calves Stable / feed charge:
Gl. machine housing has been converted into calf housing, is equipped with 7 sections each with 12 single boxes, total hood in the calf area approx. 84 single boxes.
A part of the building is designed for feeding lakes with the possibility of removing large draft concentrates. That part of the building is with exit to the feeding area.
Acc. BBR built in 1986/1994, built area 885 m²
Grain Silo:
Staldilo with cap approx. 3500 tder. grain, installed in 2015.
Silage Place:
At the driveway closest to the milking center there is silage site of approx. 2750 m². In the opposite side, to the north, approx. 1600 m² silage site. At the apron between the buildings there is also a smaller silage site.
Acc. the owner can place most of the silage on the site by the building. It is also stated that silage sites meet current requirements.
The living room is built in red stone with black, glazed tiled roof, is arranged as follows:
to the east smaller garage, back entrance, hallway, kitchen / dining area, 2 living rooms, office, guest toilet, bathroom.
First floor: bathroom, office, 3 rooms.
The living room is with large south facing terrace and large garden.
Acc. BBR built in 2010, built-up area 180 m², 1st floor 106 m², total living space 286 m²
Gravel Extraction:
relating to. Gravel extraction is based on the letter of 24.08.2011. No account has been taken of any. sales in the meantime.
A well-developed cattle farm with a rationally designed building set that meets all requirements with current production. The property could be extended to larger production, as the milking center is oversized for current production.
The property's land is, unfortunately, slightly scattered, which requires greater costs in daily operations. Would be desirable with a land distribution.

Type Overig
Price 47500000
Price in Euros's  € 6.372.076
Address Nesgårdsvej 39
zip code 9460
Residence 9460 Brovst
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 177.3



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