pig Farm | 36,8 hectare


Plant breeding and pig production property

"Milholtgård" is a plant and pig production property of 36 ha. with an annual output of 23,500 piglets. The property is located 1 km from Dronninglund in beautiful surroundings.

There is a total area of 36,8142 ha spread over 33.87 ha of arable land, 0.3 ha of forest and the rest as nature, roads and building parcels. There are a total of 26 hectares around the property with good arrangement, good planting and well-kept lip belts. 8 km south of the property is the other land located, 10 ha in a large area.

Dannebrog stables housed in 2002 in bright marble elements and ethernets. The building is furnished with a machine house with a large aluminum door and a cast base. Delivery rooms from the stable are located here with walled partitions. The barn is divided into 4 sections with 16 paths in each, a total of 150 piglets pitches 7-30 kg. Feed with finished feed from Funki dry feeding plant and Funki vending machines, Forest ventilation section of 2 x 21 tonnes in fiberglass silos.
According to bbr. built 2002 - built area 1,236 sqm.

Climate stables in buildings were renovated in 2004 with 1,100 pitches in 5 sections. The buildings are built in polished stones and with ethereal roofs. There are dry feeding plants from Funki and ventilation plants from Funki.
According to bbr. built from 1952 to 1992 - built area 597 sqm.

The barn is located at the end of the climate stables, erected in polished stones, ethernet roofs and wooden rafters - 2 sliding gates.
According to bbr. built 1953 - built area 250 sqm.

Double garage in extension located at the farmhouse with associated 20 sqm room and storage room. The building is built in polished stones and with ethereal roofs.
According to bbr. built 1953 - built area 90 sqm.

Lovely renovated farmhouse built in red brick, black glazed tile roof and white plastic windows. Internally continuously renovated, most recently new kitchen and utility room from 2007. In addition, a large living room with access to the south-facing garden, bedroom, bathroom, office and corridor is furnished.
with stairs to the 1st floor, which is furnished with 4 rooms and large repos / living room in the attic.
Acc. BBR built in 1942 and substantially remodeled in 2007. Living space 172 sq.m.

A nice property with good production equipment with 7 - 30 kg.'s production of 23,500 pieces. piglets. Nice buildings in good condition and nice renovated farmhouse.

Type Veehouderij
Price 8250000
Price in Euros's  € 1.104.004
Address Ørsøvej 34
zip code 9330
Residence 9330 Dronninglund
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 36.8



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