Planteavlsgård | 88,8 hectare


Agricultural businesses

The property:
Is located south of the Limfjord between Storvorde and Mou in Østhimmerland. The property has previously been run with cattle with milk production and slaughter pigs production. These production branches are phased out, and today the property is used for smaller production of slaughter calves and for plant breeding.

The earth:
The property's registered area is 88.7955 ha, which is distributed on 79.37 ha of arable land and 3.49 ha with permanent grass. The remaining area is building parcel, ditches and uncultivated area. The Earth is predominantly Jb. 2-4. It is relatively close to the buildings.

The buildings:
They are older and worn. Demolition of the oldest buildings is to be expected. The buildings consist of the following:

Older buildings:
The original farm buildings are built in stone and plastered facade. They are damaged after a storm and are responsible for demolition.

Maintenance Building:
Constructed with steel arches, concrete walls and eternite roof. The roof stands for replacement, as the roof sheets crumble and are leaking. There is cast floor for approx. 50% of the building.

Finishers Stable:
Constructed with steel arches, eternite roofs and walls of concrete elements. Decorated with 3 sections with a total of 750 dots. The inventory is worn and stands for replacement.

Constructed with steel arches, eternite roof and concrete / cast wall. Decorated with 3 deep litter boxes, which are used for calves.
There is a barn section on the side of the building, which is also equipped with deep litter boxes for carcasses.

Constructed with cast walls and steel roof. The stable is no longer in use and stands for demolition. At the end of the stable is the former milking room.

Slurry tanks:
There are two slurry tanks, one of 1,370 kbm and one of 3,100 kbm with tent cover.

Built in stone and eternite roof. The house is furnished as follows: Entrance, kitchen-living room / living room, boiler room, bathroom and living room. On the first floor is bedroom and two rooms. There is underfloor heating on the ground floor. The first floor lacks wallpapering and paint after it has been used.

A property of 88 ha, which will be suitable for co-operation with other agriculture. Several of the buildings are supposed to be demolished, but the machine house, barn, pig housing and slurry tanks will be able to be used in the future. However, improvements are to be expected before this can be ideal.

Type Akkerbouwbedrijf
Price 13400000
Price in Euros's  € 1.794.106
Address Vester Vase 24
zip code 9280
Residence 9280 Storvorde
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 88.8



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