Planteavlsgård | 74,6 hectare


Crop Property

The property:
Plant breeding property, which borders the eastern side of Øster Tørslev, located between Hadsund and Randers. The property is run by conventional plant breeding and the buildings have previously been used for pig production.

The earth:
The registered area is 74,60 ha, of which 72,11 ha is arable land, which is eligible. The soil is primarily good clay jb. 6. It is distributed with approx. 44.19 ha, which is in two pieces by the property, and the remaining area is 4 fields totaling 27.92 ha, located in Øster Tørslev Kær, which is southeast of the property and bordering Randers Fjord. This area is dewatered by pumping the water away from the area / out into Randers Fjord.

The farmhouse:
Detached farmhouse built in red stones, ethereal roofs and thermo windows. It is furnished as follows: Entrance hall, bathroom, kitchen, pantry, hallway with stairs to 1st floor, room, hallway and living room with wood burning stove. On the first floor is the living room, walk-in closet, 3 rooms, bathroom and bedroom.

Operating buildings:
Is mainly erected in red stones with ethernitti.

Listed in red stones and eternite roofs. Furnished with garage, boiler room with stove stove "Baxi", which heats the farmhouse, and storage room.

Listed in red stones, steel arches, etheric roofs and molded floor. It is sporadically isolated.

Built in extension of the workshop and built in red stones, steel arches, etheric roofs and covered with steel plates. Equipped with floor plan for grain with chap. 3,000 barrels of grain, (not in operation in recent years). Extending the grain storage is barn with cast floor. Part of the roof stands for replacement at the northern end of the barn due to the roof plates crumbling.

The stables:
There are 2 stables that are parallel to each other and are built together. They are erected in red stones, or stones and polished facade, eternit roof. They consist of the following:
Southern building, which is in extension of garage. Equipped with a stable and running ward.
The middle building is a pregnancy barn.
The northern consists of climate stables and slaughter pigs. Here is a defect in part of the building.
The development has taken place from the stables, and it is not expected that they will be used for animal production.

Slurry tank:
North of the stables is a slurry container of 1,000 kbm, built in 1993.

Clean-up on the property must be expected, as well as improvements on roofs on the operating buildings. Likewise, the farmhouse is from 1979, and a modernization would also be expected in the long term.
A plant breeding property with a land area of 74 ha, which is good cultivable arable land.

Type Akkerbouwbedrijf
Price 11900000
Price in Euros's  € 1.592.762
Address Tørringvej 19
zip code 8983
Residence 8983 Gjerlev J
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 74.6



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