Cattle Farm | 78,3 hectare


Cattle Property

The property:
Cattle property located northeast of Ø Bjerregrav in Randers municipality. The property is run by dairy cattle with approx. 158 dairy cows with breeding and plant breeding. There is ongoing investment in the property. with stables, silos and milking robots.

The earth:
There are a total of 78,2555 ha in landscaped land, of which 64.62 ha is arable clay-arable land, 5.16 ha of meadow with permanent grass and smaller natural areas. The remaining area is building parcel, etc.
Approx. 83 ha.

Detached farmhouse, which is withdrawn from the farm buildings. Listed in red stones, cement roof tiles and plastic windows. The house is furnished as follows: Utility room, kitchen-dining room, pantry, living room, room, office, bathroom and hallway with stairs to the first floor, with bedroom, 3 rooms, bathroom and living area.

The farm buildings are primarily designed for cattle keeping and consist of the following:

stall barn:
Built with steel arches, ethernite roof, gable in red stone and the sides with concrete elements and curtains for natural ventilation.
The detached barn is equipped with a feeding table in the middle of the barn with catch grids, 4 rows of beds (2 rows of 72 beds and 3 beds in separating sections on each side of the stable), a total of 150 beds with sand in the beds as well as slatted floors and round slurry in the slurry channels. 3 Lely milking robots Astronaut A3 (2008), calving box and sick box.
At the end of the detached barn are engineering rooms, tank rooms with 14,000 l of Røka cooling tank and 600 l of buffer tank, ice bank for heat recovery and stable office.

Built with steel arches, ethernite roof, gable in red stone and the sides with concrete elements and curtain for natural ventilation. It is designed for loose operation with 90 bed stalls, fixed floor with scraper / line play system and calving box with deep bed with hood for 15 cows. Feeding table in one side of the barn. There is sand for approx. half of the beds are used for large heifers and gold cows, and in the remaining beds there are mattresses used for the smaller heifers. Activity meter from Lely that can be used in all the housing sections of the property.

Calf barn and barn:
Listed in red stones, ethernite roofs and steel arches. Older barn, which has been converted into a calf barn and barn space.
In one part of the barn there is room for straw, feed materials, etc. The remaining part is fitted with deep litter boxes for calves, consisting of 3 boxes with chapters for 12-15 calves and 2 boxes with chapters for 10 calves.
Outside the stable are 2 pieces. 16 tons of fiberglass silos for purchased food.

Calves Section:
In extension of the space in front of the silage silos, a molded space with drains has been established, in which 4 cabins for calves with space for approx. 5-8 calves per day. cabin. An additional cabin is being prepared. Water has been added to each cabin with circulation. Cabin, which is designed for the veal kitchen. Concrete space for calf huts for small calves.

Silos / environment:
There are 2 slurry tanks from Muleby on respectively. 1,500 kbm and 2,000 kbm, molded mooring space for deep bedding.
3 running silos for silage B 10.5 mx L 48 mx H 1.8m. There are SF rocks at the bottom of the silos. Also, the space in front of the silos is covered with SF stone.
Gas-tight Assentoft silo, used for grain storage and filled with West Field auger and grain outlet with auger at the bottom of the silo. According to BBR 475 kbm corresponding to approx. 340 tonnes of wheat / 300 tonnes of barley.

Type Overig
Price 17900000
Price in Euros's  € 2.405.817
Address Kirkevej 28
zip code 8920
Residence 8920 Randers NV
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 78.3



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