Planteavlsgård | 57,4 hectare


Crop Property

The property:
Plant breeding property located at the village Væth west of Randers. It is operated with conventional plant breeding and a few barns which are used for rental / storage. The property has in recent years undergone improvements and appears as a presentable property with a beautiful home that meets today's housing requirements.

The earth:
The property's total registered area is 57.4417 ha, spread over 48.24 hectares of arable land, 0.98 ha of brakes and 2.04 ha of permanent grass. The rest is building parcel, forest and planting. The soil is primarily clay mud and varies from jb. 4-7. The earth is gathered in a parcel by the buildings.

The farmhouse:
Detached dwelling built in stone, plastered facade and glazed tiled roof from 2006. The windows are primarily in wood / aluminum from 2012 and some are older with wooden frames. The home is furnished as follows: Backyard, bathroom, kitchen-dining room, bedroom, office with access to terrace, 3 rooms and bathroom. The first floor is unused. The house is surrounded by courtyard and garden with terraces on both sides of the house.

Available building:
Built in stone, plastered facade and steel roof with tile profile. It is furnished with a boiler room with a stork furnace Twin Heat from 2007, workshop, available storage and storage room. There is vault ceiling throughout the building. In extension of the building is an attached garage building.

Constructed with steel arches, eternite roofs and the sides covered with steel plates. Is designed for grain storage in plan storage with 3 silos of total capacity for 5,000 tdr grain. Grain digs and Jema plants for transport (elevator, rifles and grain publisher). This takes approx. 1/3 of the building. The remainder is used for straw storage and is rented out. 1/3 of the building is with loose / gravel bottom. The remaining area is with cast concrete floor.

Stable / hall:
Constructed in steel arches, eternite roofs and the sides covered with steel plates. Previously used for pig production. The inventory and most of the floor has been removed. Used for storing machines and straw etc..

All in all, a beautiful and well-run 57-hectare plant breeding property, which is suitable for those who want to farm on a leisure basis and live close to nature. Alternatively, the property may be co-operated with other agricultural property.

Type Akkerbouwbedrijf
Price 11500000
Price in Euros's  € 1.542.713
Address Langåvej 17
zip code 8870
Residence 8870 Langå
How much amount of land ownership?
How much amount of land lease?
How much amount of total land? 57.4



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